READ IT HERE: NY Department Of Health Releases Update On Sleepaway Camps

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  1. A fine of $1000 per day?!
    And the rioters and looters causing mayhem, while not practicing social distancing at all, are allowed to walk away scot free. Those that torched and burnt police cars and property don’t have to pay any fines. Wicked evil health department.

  2. Edward Bartos?
    A very low level guy at the Dpt of Health – you can only find his name tucked under a thousand others .
    Why didn’t Zucker or Dreslin sign??
    Just a loser blowing his mouth off

    • …. particularly the ones who have the chutzpah to live through an abortion. They deserve to be starved to death. Also, these children’s grandparents lives, they also deserved to be killed by the NYS health department – since NYS wouldn’t dare use the nave ship hospital ‘Comfort’ or the Javitz center, as that may make Trump look good. Instead, send the covid patients out of the hospital and into the nursing homes and kill 10,000 people. Yep, NYs health is all about: Lives. Don’t. Matter.
      Politics. Matter.

  3. Sounds reasonable and applies to everyone. Children. Lives. Matter. It takes the government to understand that our children are precious.

  4. Don’t expect to hear the truth on Mainstream Fake News. The reason is, as long as the Deep State CORONA CRIMINALS are not all executed or at least arrested, the State cannot take chances. They don’t want to put children or anyone else in harm’s way – hence social distancing. (Masks are only for the hype.)

    • Summer camps especially sleep away camps are an essential part of transmitting the Mesirah of Torah Avodah and Gmilus Chasadim outside of school and home in a proper atmosphere for students who don’t go to the beach and imbibe if secular culture and give campers and staff the opportunity to take what was taught from books and placed into reality Future Bnei Torah Talmidei Chachamim and Bnos Torah are forged in camp not school


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