Reader Writes: Your Ad Is Bothering Me

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oorah-smorg-adDear Matzav Editor,

The ad on your site of a person shaking his head indicating no nod all along the summary page is extremely annoying. It will cause me to stop looking at your news summaries if this kind of ad is not stopped.

Jacob Lowenthal

Washington Heights

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  1. I certainly agree. It’s nauseating! It’s probably the dumbest and ugliest ad there ever was on here and very not appropriate for a religious chareidi site. Aside from that, acting in such a manner is offensive and a big CHILLUL HASHEM. his whole facial expression is very indecent and lacks Jewish modesty.

  2. NOW THIS UGLY AD IS ON THE TOP..SO I DONT LOOK AT ANYTHING ON THE TOP.I immediately scroll down to the 4th news article.then I decide to just ‘x’ out and go to another news source. It really gives me a headache.

  3. Yeah, who is this meshugeneh, anyway? I never bothered clicking on this link, because this is pure shtus. Enough is enough.

  4. I agree with Jacob. It’s a very sickning gross picture. It was making me dizzy. I’m looking at Matzav from my cell phone because B”H it’s not on here. This is the same guy that’s on the skit shown In the Matzav videos about a couple of Frum guys looking for a new cheap place to live. I have a bigger problem with their in your face marketing! of course Matzav feels obligated to cover up for them!

  5. agreed! It just doesn’t have a yiddishe tam. I’m all for a great joke, a good laugh and things that make one smile but this ad is disturbing. The guy looks like a monkey and his bulging eyes flaring nostrils and flying payos are offensive. It is irritating to look at. even my kids think it’s not nice and want to know what happened that this guy is saying such a strong no. They want to know what he is so angry about.

    Maybe it was in the Purim spirit but Purim is over.

  6. I can’t count the number of advertisers that I don’t buy from or donate to because of their annoying, repetitive or invasive ads. This is one of them.

  7. I can no longer read anything on the Matzav website due to that annoying and undignified ad that one can see with peripheral vision while trying to read a news item. Good-bye Matzav. I wil find an alternate news source that maintains some basic standards in accepting ads.

  8. Is it because he is Chassidish? If so, that is dsigusting. Though I may not know the man in the ad personally, he is trying to make a living just like you and me. Your hatred is not welcome on such a fine website.

  9. Mr. Lowenthal:

    I completely agree with you: After a quick review of the days headlines I can’t wait to get away from the home page. Oorah has blown it with this ad.

  10. Kiryas Yoel: Not because he is Chasidish. cholila. It is because this is simply stupid looking. I will hold back my donation from sites that make fools of themselves. Why does Matzav have to kasher this chazer feesel? In other words, why does Matzav have to copy the goyishe world?????

  11. My take is if they felt it ok to put this on it must be part of something pretty geshmak. STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE. lighten up a little.

  12. While I may agree that it is quite a different take on an advertisement, I feel it is a point of interest. (Hasn’t it caught your eye?) It is totally harmless and not worth the harsh words many have spent.

  13. Baruch Hashem that someone actually said something about this & Baruch Hashem that Matzav has actually acknowledged that persons comment. This ad is a big chillul Hashem. Apparently payos are taken too lightly these days. We all as jews have a responsibility to act properly and make a Kidush Hashem everywhere we go.. The more Jewish one looks, the greater his responsibility.

  14. I have never posted before, but couldnet help now by agreeing with all of the readers how annoying this ad is. There is a fine line of advertizing by asking for tziddaka while allowing the giver to graciously accept the opportunity and a forceful aggressive approach. I don’t believe the ad is doing justice for both Oorah and definitely not for the Matzav!

  15. I agree that it does pull your hurt my eyes to see something moving so face but just to set the record straight, it’s a 3 second clip from a video that is played over and over again.


  17. Both the advertiser and Matzav are showing bad taste and immaturity here. Is the financial situation at Matzav that bad that they have to put this junk on their website? A real turn-off.

  18. I Agree that its a annoying ad! Just one question: To all those that stopped opening Matzav because of it how did you know about this article???!!!!???

  19. I think it’s cute. I like the ad. My only concern is the supposed outrage from my yidden brothers. Really? This AD is what bothers you? Please, my yiddishe friends, if you don’t like the ad, ignore it.

    There are certainly worse things you could complain about.

  20. i cant beleive 40 people actually wrote a comment about that ad. it used to be annoying but now i think its brilliant. thats exactly what they wanted. People to talk about the ad. as the saying goes. No publicity is bad publicity. i would suggest you call the company advertising direct and not the website.

  21. The first time I saw the ad I thought it was kinda cute. When it took over the page and I had to block it off to read, it began to be really annoying.

    HINT: Look at the top right of your browser. You’ll see an “X”, two overlapping little boxes, and an underline. Click on the little boxes and your browser page will not take up the whole screen. Put your cursor on the bar at top, and you can move the whole page to the right, sliding that icky little ad and all its copies right off the right side of the screen. It’s a very useful trick.

  22. There are other things to keep in mind besides money. You are doing Kiruv and that’s nice and a chushuve mitzvah, but at the same time you are continuously downgrading and degrading Yidishkeit with your distasteful ads and disgusting entertainment marketing.

    Please STOP! Why do we need to deal with your ugly marketing tacticts? Enough is enough!

  23. This guy is a comidian, I think it is funny and nothing wrong with it. I would be more disterb if they put pictures of women and things of that sort, but whats is wrong with a comidian ?

  24. I was complaining about these ads ever since Five-ish came into the zeitgeist. This whole campaign (and others, I might add) is silly and juvenile. Whatever message is intended, is convoluted at best. A supposedly “hip” soundtrack is insulting as the style is a good 25 years outdated to be “cutting edge”, whic I assume is what hey are going for.
    No dignity, no respect. Seems about on par with promoting a bag of chips.

  25. You don’t show pictures of tzniusdike women but you show this baboon who is the opposite of tznius? The world is upside down. Venehapachu.

  26. Very scary image for a family oriented organization to portray.

    Feivish is silly but at least cute. The heavyset man dressed as a judge two years ago, gets to the point and is motivational. This ad makes a viewer feel the organization is advertising an Anger Management Course.

    Oorah should pull this ad ASAP.

  27. TO # 37.
    I think it is a great idea that you find it hard to read Matzav. Is it because they use more than 3 letter words? If it bothers you dont read it. Your comment happens to bother me but i dont say that you should be banned for life from Matzav. Grow up and take a chill pill.

  28. Advertising is made in order to attract attention. By the number of responses, I see that they managed that very well. That silly 5 dollar bill running around Eretz Yisroel was also an attention grabbing gimmick. For some reason, it works.

  29. So block it using AD BLOCK+. It is a plugin available in the firefox web browser. Go to addons and search for ad block install and then restart and you shouldn’t be seeing anymore ads!

  30. To Oldtimer (#37) You are saying no publicity is bad publicity. I say bad publicity is even worse publicity. It pays a person to be mevaze himself in public. Obviously, you don’t hold by gadlus ha adam if they air such an ad.

  31. Matzav – I will ask again only this time with updated #’s. If 76 out of 91 comments find the ad offensive why would you keep it on?

    It’s not that I will stop reading Matzav it just makes me feel that the editors and people in charge truly care less about the opinions or interests of their readers. A real slap in the face to us. If the comments were 50-50 or close to it then I can understand the reasoning to leave it. However here where it is so overwhelming against this ad why not remove it or at the very least offer a reason why you have decided to keep it.

    Very immature and irresponsible leadership here.

  32. Ganzkup: Please have derech eretz and write in the proper case. Also, I don’t know why you are making up a hatred that simply does not exist. This has nothing to do with putting down our chassidish brothers; this has to do with a really annoying ad. Take a chill and be dan lkaf zchus please.

  33. I agree with everyone! It was sort of cute for a few days, but it’s getting annoying already, and now its on the top of the website too!! Make your website pleasant to look at please!

  34. Silly people. I like the add.

    What says it all? The easily annoyed, tantrum throwing, “remove this add or I will stop reading your site” poster, is from…….. drum roll! –

    Washington Heights. Heaven help us all!
    The rest of you all, what is your excuse, you cant all be yekies. Maybe you are all uber litvaks. Again I say, Heaven help us.

  35. don’t open matsav for a week or until this ad is removed. I think the people at matsav are geting a kick out of these “comments” it ruins it for the other legitimate advertisers and that would be a “gneiva” from the matsav site.

  36. Hi all it’s me the man in the ad, this flash banner was created out of a video I preformed in for the upcoming Oorah DVD, this ad was done without my consent, and since I’m not online very often I was totally unaware of it, but I have now asked them to remove it and I and hope it will be gone soon, and for all of you complimenting me on my good looks I forgive you.
    let’s keep things positive my holy brothers!

  37. The truth is, the Yerushalmi guy who dressed his kids up as Santa Claus on Purim was much worse.
    No one was upset at him….

  38. I honestly didn’t know about the ad until I turned off my adblocker to see it. Why don’t you all have an adblocker installed on your browser. It will save you a lot of annoyances and nisyonos! I use for firefox which is one of the best.

  39. Get over yourselves! Stop boycotting and pointing fingers if you don’t know the whole story.. The person on the banner had nothing to do with this, as he wrote in #102. he only acted in the Oorah DVD and next thing you know, this is up

    Everyone can advertise on matzav, as long as it has no explicit, inappropriate content. The ad may be done in poor taste but matzav has no obligation to turn it down. The one and only person to be held accountable is whoever does the marketing for Oorah. In any case, I’m glad this is coming off.

  40. I think its more pathetic that everyone is making such a big deal over this one ad, i suggest that everyone man up and stop making it sound like their lifelong pet just died.
    If this ad is so offensive to you and just dosn’t let you sleep at night,then dont be idle and put your complaints here, go to the source (oorah) and let them know your feelings about this matter.

  41. Almost 100 people have agreed to the author that the ad is annoying in 1 day isnt this enough to take it down? At least make it a picture! Matzav is showing that they care more about making a few bucks than satisfing its viewers.

  42. Yoely, we love you!
    You’re a man of simcha and life, too sad they used it without your permission and even sadder people here had a negative voice about your appearance.
    Hopefully this ad will be pulled and/or people will get to see your bright and amazing side as well.
    Keep up the good work!

  43. 104 comments and counting and all of them fair except for #100. Your comment was more offensive, destructive and hurtful then the ad itself.

  44. thats how u all look when u scream “NO” to your kids! its just a clip from a funny song! 100 people have nothing better to do than complain about ads….

  45. Matzav is run by a bunch of immature babies! They won’t show a picture of Sara Palin but they’ll put on a face of a cow shaking =back and forth! Yeh, that makes sense! Why don’t you go back to your rich parents in the five towns?

  46. I agree that the ad is irritating. Good advertising is not irritating a person into submission – it’s intriguing them into inquiry.I actually haven’t gone to the site for a few days because there are so many things wrong with that ad. Thank you to the initial writer for speaking up.

  47. please pleeeeeeease listen to our comments and switch this irksome ad!!!! I seriously stopped reading your news because of it!!!!

  48. Yoely, I love your humble response.

    And BTW the only people who can be annoyed by the ad are the ones that probably don’t have much to do in their life but sit on the internet a huge chunk of the day.

    Get a hold of yourselves and do stuff that are more productive and matter.

  49. I believe the majority of comments here are ridiculous – is the ad really so horrible?
    Much more importantly, do you really have to comment on the person in the ad, being a meshugeneh, etc.? Is that how the Torah teaches you to act?
    I happen to know the guy in the ad and you will not find a nicer and friendlier tzedek.
    Relax! It’s just a silly ad to get your attention.

  50. i feel compelled to comment again. those nasty comments are from people who think they’re frum?! wow! bunch of people who have nothing better to do but complain.

  51. I am sure the man is the ad is a good guy.
    But We have become extrememly desensitized to what it means to be a jew, and look like a jew.

  52. To numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,13,14,17,18, 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,
    121,123,124,125,127,129,135,136,139,140,141,142. If you don’t like this ad, instead of leaving these nasty comments, just don’t look at it! I actually think it is funny so i don’t know what your problem is.

  53. even though i wasn’t insulted at all by the nasty comments thank you to the following people that spoke up for me thanks to #7,12,15,16,38,44,45,49,52,53,56,57,65,66,67,70,

    yoely stauber, the man in the ad


  55. I wonder why this ad evoked such a huge response. What I do know is that if you’d know the man in the ad, Yoily, you’d just smile. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet.

  56. I didn’t read all the comments, but I got the gist. If you really don’t like the ad, instead of writing here(you think any matzav editor even looks here???), go to the source. Take all your complaints straight to the one who is paying for the ad.

  57. everyone should chill. yes, the ad is annoying, you are complaining l’shaim shamayim, et cetera… this is disgusting. You are blasting a fine yid who had nothing to do with the ad! you are spewing venom and hatred for selfish reasons! there are worse things in life!!! oh, and by the way, maybe you forgot about the avera called loshon hora? for example, calling someone a cow… or blasting an orginization that does amazing things we could only hope to be zoche to have a part in??? shoin genug!!!

  58. Let all complaints cease. The ad changed!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You matzav for taking all the above 152 comments into consideration!!! Thank You for all you do to bring kosher news and videos to the klal.

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