Readers’ Matzav: It’s Snowing….Help Your Neighbor


snowDear Editor@Matzav, .com

The following just came to my mind and I thought I’ll share it with you. Maybe its worthwhile sharing with your readers.

Since the first snowstorm of the year just arrived yesterday, I was thinking how much chesed we can do for one another – and its not even that hard.

If you know someoen your block, in your building, or on the way to or from shul or work who might have a hard time leaving their house, please offer them some help. They might need something from a grocery store or pharmacy. An older person who slips on ice can, chas veshalom, injure themselves badly. One phone call to someone could make their day. And yours.

Tizkeh lemitzvos.

Yakov W.

11th Avenue

Brooklyn NY

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  1. Hi,
    I asked my wife to call an old widow next door to us, and ask he if she was ok. She lives alone in a big house and was snowed in. I also sent over two guys walking around with shovels looking for work to ring her bell and offer to do her steps and side walk. She was so happy, she paid the guys $20 imagine.


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