Reb Eli Botknecht z”l

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It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Reb Eli Botknecht z”l of Flatbush. He was 60 years old.

Reb Eli was a co-owner of Linnick’s Toys in Boro Park.

Prior to moving to Flatbush, Reb Eli lived in Boro Park, where he was a mispallel at Dayan Hershel Brody’s shul.

He is survived by his mother, his wife, Mrs. Gitty Botknecht, and his children, R’ Kuppy Botknecht, R’ Heshy Botknecht, R’ Arye Botknecht, R’ Avigdor Yoel Botknecht, Mrs. Zeise Zelcer, Mrs. Nechama Scheinbaum, Mrs. Toba Malka Deitel, and Mrs. Blima Brezel.

HT: Boro Park 24

Yehi zichro boruch.


  1. Oy eli was so nice to me even advising where to get deals instead of him being the middleman ,an example how brothers can get along, and that infectious smile

  2. Always smiled !!!!!!

    He surely will be missed greatly…. by all….

    Chaaval Al De’ Avdin…….

    Zichrono Li Vrocho


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