Rebbetzin Chaya Hershkowitz a”h

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It is with great sadness that reports the petirah of Rebbetzin Chaya Hershkowitz a”h, wife of Rav Ephraim Fischel Hershkowitz zt”l, the Haleiner Rov.

She passed away on the day of her granddaughter’s wedding at the age of 94.

Throughout their life together, the rebbetzin stood at the side of her illustrious husband, a great gaon and posek, allowing him to learn and teach Torah and pasken shailos for thousands.

The levayah was held on Tuesday at the Sanz Klausenburg Bais Medrash in Williamsburg. The aron was then flowing to Eretz Yisroel. The kevurah will take place today in Netanya near the kever of her late husband.

The rebbetzin is survived by her children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

{ Israel}


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