Rebbetzin Tzippy Rabinowitz a”h


candle-small5It is with immense sadness that we report the petirah of Rebbetzin Tzippy Rabinowitz a”h this afternoon.

Rebbetzin Rabinowitz, who resided in Lakewood, NJ, was the wife of Rav Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz, rov of Bais Medrash Tiferes Shimon and the menahel of Mesivta Keren Hatorah, both in Lakewood. Mesivta Keren Hatorah is led by Rav Rabinowitz’s brother, Rav Mendel Rabinowitz.

Rav and Rebbetzin Rabinowitz resided for many years in Toronto, where Rav Rabinowitz served as the menahel of Yeshiva Ner Yisroel of Toronto. They moved to Lakewood about 15 years ago.

Rebbetzin Rabinowitz was a remarkable woman, whose unique gevuras hanefesh and nature were magnified during her final tekufah as she battled illness. She faced the nisayon with extraordinary strength, marrying off children and raising her mishpacha with amazing grace and strength. She inspired her family and many others with her emunah and bitachon.

Rebbetzin Rabinowitz was an ever present pillar of support to her illustrious husband, who himself is a beacon of chizuk and guidance for an untold number of people, who benefit from his vast Torah knowledge, his understanding of people, and his warmth and sensitivity.

Rebbetzin Rabinowitz’s loss is a blow to the Lakewood community and the greater American Torah world.

She is survived by her husband and their children, bnei and bnos Torah who enrich their respective communities, and grandchildren.

The aron was taken to John F. Kennedy International Airport to be flown to Eretz Yisroel for kevurah there.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. a tremendous Tzaeikes and eshes chayil, her husband yblch”t is a great man. May she be a melitza yeshara for him and their family


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