Record Number Of Jews Visited Har Habayis In Past Month

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The number of Jewish visitors to the Har Habayis in Yerushalayim during the month of Tishrei broke records, the right-wing organization “Yaraeh” said Wednesday.

According to the group – which encourages Jews to visit the holy site despite all preeminent poskim ruling that doing so is forbidden halachically – nearly 8,000 people visited the area during the Yom Tov month. This is the highest number of Jewish visits in one month.

For comparison, 7,724 Jews visited the site throughout 2012, according to the Jewish Temple Mount Administration.

Some 4,673 Jews went up to daven on the Har Habayis during Sukkos alone, according to the group, which was a record number and a jump of 25 percent compared to last year.

“An even more impressive jump of 33 percent was recorded during the Tishrei holidays from Rosh Hashana to the holiday of Shemini Atzeret, with the arrival of 7,130 Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Last year, 5,373 Jews ascended (the Temple Mount) during this period,” they said.

Meanwhile, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation reported that more than two million people visited the Old City during the Jewish holidays. This came despite a rise in tensions following a terrorist attack near the Shuafat refugee camp and riots in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in east Jerusalem.

Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid last week reiterated the Jewish state’s commitment not to change the status quo of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and to ensure freedom of worship for Muslims.

“During Ramadan, a million people came to pray at Al-Aqsa, and allowing them to do so is our duty as a government,” he added.

Lapid also said that Jewish prayers would not be allowed there and that visits would only be allowed under supervision “so as not to disturb the status quo.”

The Jewish Temple Mount Administration said it was pleased with “the surprising increase in the number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.” According to the group, “the public is strengthening the Jewish connection to the Jewish people’s holiest place.” – 24 News


  1. Why are you reporting the amount of Jews doing aveiros?? Are you going to present the same regarding Chillul Shabbos and Achilas Treifos??

    • “Religious Zionism” is idolatry. “Religious Zionists” ascending the Temple Mount makes sense because it’s an important service of their idol.

      Any non-Zionist Jew who ascends the Temple Mount is obviously simply uninformed.

  2. “Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid last week reiterated the Jewish state’s commitment…”

    That would be the Zionist, not Jewish “State”.


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