Reform Elements In Israel’s “Oral Law” Syllabus

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An Israeli named Michael Zelba recently examined the outline of the Education Ministry’s new Oral Law or Jewish-Israeli Culture syllabus and pointed out in a letter to Education Minister Naftali Bennett that the syllabus includes Reform and Conservative elements.

He also complained that the syllabus was developed by a team led by Professor Ron Margolin, a senior researcher of the Shalom Hartman Institute which operates in Israel and North America.

The institute describes itself as “a pluralistic center of research and education deepening and elevating the quality of Jewish life in Israel and around the world,” and declares that “Through our work we are redefining the conversation about Judaism in modernity, religious pluralism, Israeli democracy, Israel and world Jewry, and the relationship with other faith communities.”

Without addressing Zelba’s specific complaints, the Education Ministry responded that as far as it knew, Margolin did not belong to the Reform community of the U.S. Even if he did, the ministry said, it was irrelevant, as the syllabus was established by a professional committee.

David Steger – Israel


  1. The Reform Neo-Hellenists are taking over institutions under the very noses of the Israeli population ,trying to replace Judaism with “pluralism”.The Beit Hatuzafot museum of Jewish History in Tel Aviv has been taken over by these Neo-Hellenists and the unsophisticated Israeli population doesn’t realize their anti-Judaism agenda. Now the IDF is being taken over by their insidious anti-religious ,anti-Judaism agenda.

    • Call them Neo-Recidivists. The sad shame is that if we compare them to the Greek, we might be right, but in all thought, the saving of their day is not the Aegean Sea. They do not use a mikveh and are very much hateful to Torah.

      Good try on that one.



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