Relative: Fake Mandela Event Signer Burned Men Alive

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thamsanqa-jantjie-mandela-funeral-signer1Are we going to find out that the fake Mandela signer killed Jimmy Hoffa?

A relative of the fraudulent signer during Nelson Mandela’s funeral said that he was part of a group of people that burned two men to their deaths in 2003.

The group allegedly found two men with a stolen television set, and then allegedly placed tires around the men’s necks and set them ablaze.

Two suspects went on trial for the attack, but the imposter signer was allegedly deemed mentally unfit. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. So how did this nut case get so close to the President of the US??? Who is responsible for the security breach? Heads should roll over this! I blame the “secret service”. They were probably still looking at pics of sarah Palin!

  2. What a circus! The President is taking pictures with his cellphone. A demented person is faking the sign language. Was there a trapese artist too?


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