Religious Zionist Rabbis Slam Mixed Units

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Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman banned three rabbonim from participating in army events after they lambasted the army’s excessive integration of female soldiers following the introduction of the “IDF joint-service protocol” in 2016. He even canceled a scheduled meeting with Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef.

Leading religious-Zionist religious leader Rav Shlomo Aviner began the attack by writing on the Kipa news site that although he considered it a mitzvah to serve in the army, because of the impossibility of preserving morality in mixed gender units, soldiers must serve in separate units. When a respondent argued that this is not always possible, Rav Aviner stated: “If that’s the case, then unfortunately, for now, one should not go to the army. Either a separate unit or don’t enlist for now.”

Chief Rabbi of Tzefas Shmuel Eliyahu backed Rav Aviner’s wake up call, telling Army Radio, “The army has adopted a crazy feminist agenda.”

Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef praised Rav Eliyahu for consistently backing the Rabbinate’s stance against female enlistment.

Rav Ariel Bareli, head of a Hesder yeshiva in Sderot and grandson of Rav Moshe Neriya, who founded the Bnai Akiva yeshiva network, said yeshiva students should go to jail rather than serve in mixed units and accused Chief of Staff Eizenkot of possibly basing his feminist policy on political motivations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and senior religious Zionist leader Rabbi Chaim Druckman backed Lieberman. MK Bezalel Smotrich of Bayit Yehudi slammed the mixed unit trend and the unprecedented appointment of a woman to leader of a squadron of air force transport planes.

“There are professions for men and there are professions for women, this is how Hashem created the world… Everyone who tries to blur these simple distinctions does wrong to himself and to the world,” Smotrich said.

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  1. Johnny come late.
    Religious tziyonim wake up
    They the atheists robbed your land in gush Katif.
    Use your youth as cannon fotter in the Yom Kippur war
    Now destroy the souls of your youth by mixing an army with women,toeiva men and transgenders.
    Join the chareidim.
    No one join this atheistic Torah hating army.

    • Not only Lieberman. The Israeli government was based on Russian concepts and principles as most of their original leaders 70 years ago originated from Russia. They even have a Russian Compound in Yerushalayim where they arrest criminals, esp political criminals. Their idea to make the country Torah-free and forcefully enlist religious Jews to secularize them is also from Russia.

    • The Hasidim and Haredim should go back to Lakewood and Williamsburg, and take their cowardly, draft-dodging buchrim and avraychim with them.

      • Hasidim and Haredim were in Israel LONG BEFORE the Zionists. If anyone should get out, it’s the Zionists. Had they followed their leader Theodor Herzl’s advice and created their state in Uganda, Hasidim and Haredim wouldn’t be forced to secularize and neither would the Yemenites.

        By the way, where’s your fury on the 50% secular Israelis draft dodgers? Chareidim, at least, protect the land by learning Torah, praying and doing mitzvos (and the ONLY reason they don’t join the army because it’s treif, as treif as can be, and against the Torah), while the secular draft dodgers are nothing but parasites, living off government funds for doing nothing for the protection of the land.

      • Yeah,Sandy, and how many years and in what capacity did you fight in the IDF? or are you one of the American Jews sitting safe and sound in cushy America while all of us here in Israel have our lives on the line from terror attacks every day?! Who is the coward?!

      • You secular Jews are going down. The only thing to survive will be Torah, and you will come crawling on your feet when the Messiah arrives. Toras Emes!!!

  2. #1 is 100% right, the Zionists don’t allow for frum officers but always use them as cannon fodder, the Zionists as the hold Rav Wasserman said are Amalek.

    • oh boy, you would be surprised how many litvaks in prewar lita were zionists. and not just the nonreligious.
      you easily pick the firebrand of prewar europe who opposed zionism. litvishe life in europe was much more complicated than zionist and antizionists.
      just like agudah in america was against jewish statehood in 1940s. but changed their minds when the state was in existence. to protect jews from an existential threat. so did Rav Henkin a stern antizionist reverse course. Rav Yakov kamentsky believed god helped Israel come in to existence after the tragedy of the holocaust.

  3. to sandy: chanukah was not so long ago. remember, robbim b’yad m’ahtim, etc? while i honor the IDF for protecting all of us, it is the Robono Shel Olam Who ultimately gives us the wisdom and strength necessary to defeat our enemies. Lomdei Torah are every bit the soldiers for k’lal yisroel as those who carry guns, even more so

  4. Good for these rabbanim!

    There are so many ways for Jewish women of all ages to contribute to society, why do they need the army?
    What can a woman do in the army that men can’t do as well or better?

    The immoral behavior is definitely a problem, but so is the fact that the girls lack the physical strength to carry out life-saving tasks, whether in actual combat or as combat-supporters (like cutting a pilot out of a burning plane or managing the high-pressure fire hose to put out a jet fire or carrying off wounded soldiers).

    A woman’s natural instinct toward nurturing and reassuring and soothing become a joke within the military culture and just disrupts things. (This instinct is very good, but it’s not conducive to a military framework.)

    The army is vastly overstaffed and you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of soldiers paid to do nothing for 2-3 years. Some need show up only 2-3 days a week, some serve only every other week (“shavua-shavua”), some sit in their office the entire day watching movies and social media on the cell phone. Others watch TV all day long on the base. Yet for some reason, this is lauded as “military service” and “making a contribution” while sitting in front of a Gemara is considered batlanut and doing nothing.

    Gosh, so watching depraved American TV shows on cable is lofty and worth paying the viewers an army stipend, but shteiging in Aramaic with the ancient lessons of the wisest men is considered nothing. How crazy is that?

  5. Rav Wasserman also told his followers to stay in Europe and not emigrate to “Palestine” in the 1930’s, when they still had the opportunity to do so. The unfortunate ones listened to him.

    • Hashem guides the course of everything…you are a nin believer to think otherwise. That course was determined from above, just as every blade of grass has a purpose.

    • And who is protecting those who you assume protect everything else? The world is protected by Hashem and Him only, and through the Torah learning Jews. Weapons and people don’t protect. Protection is from Above. Just like a doctor doesn’t heal. . Hashem does. He is a figure put in place to do HIS will.

    • Hashem is who is protecting us! Talk to soldiers who have been in touch battles and they’ll tell you of miracles.Our wigs and our Talmuds are staying firmly in place !


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