Rep. Steve Israel Wants Only American Products Sold At National Parks


steve-israelA Long Island Congressman said it is ridiculous that most of the products sold in our national parks are made in other countries and has proposed legislation to do something about it.

Rep. Steve Israel recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and visiting the gift shop left him outraged.

He said nearly every item was made in a country other than the United States of America.

“Grand Canyon jigsaw puzzle made in China, Grand Canyon thermal t-shirt made in Pakistan, Grand Canyon snow globe made in China,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall on Wednesday. “I had to work hard to find one table that was devoted to ‘Made in America.'”

He said that even a Liberty Bell tie found in a national park gift shop was made in China.

Israel told Hall his bill would require all national parks to sell only merchandise produced in America.

“Too many Americans lost their jobs because other countries have picked up their manufacturing capabilities while our own declined,” he said. “[There is a] simple, common sense solution and that is to make sure that our government is doing everything it can to sell American-made products.”

Source: WCBS 880 AM

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