Report: Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Deadly Israeli Inferno


fire1Al Qaeda has reportedly taken responsibility for the deadly fires in Israel this week that claimed 41 lives. Asia News reported, via Free Republic:The terrorist organization Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the fire that has devastated the forests of Mount Caramel, the most serious environmental disaster in the history of Israel. Although the local police authorities attribute the blaze to negligence and the prolonged drought that is affecting the region.

A new terrorist group, which claims links to Al Qaeda, posted a video message on jihadist forums, the same used by Osama Bin Laden, declaring to be behind the fire. The group, which calls itself “Lions of the mujahideen in Palestine” claims to have set fire to the trees of Mount Carmel, triggering the inferno which is still raging. “The lions of the mujahideen in Palestine” say they carried out the arson attack on the night between Thursday and Friday – “performing a holy and heroic expedition within the territory of the usurpers on occupied Mount Caramel setting fire to its trees, causing the deaths of more than 40 people and wounding dozens, as recognized by the enemy itself.”

The terrorist group, whose credibility has not yet been independently confirmed, also thanked “the wind, which was one of the soldiers of Allah, for his help, by expanding the flames to where we never thought, so that the enemy was not able to subdue it and was forced to seek help from foreign forces. ” The message then points out that ” this blessed expedition is part of the series of expeditions undertaken against the Jewish occupier to avenge the blood of Muslims killed, first of all Muhamman al- Namnam and the brothers Islam and Muhammad Yasin and other Palestinian Salafi jihadist. The enemy knows that the children of monotheism are not asleep and are capable of teaching them a lesson. ” The reference is to the three members of the Palestinian jihadist group “Army of Islam”, an acronym related to al-Qaeda in theGaza Strip, killed in recent weeks, in two different Israeli air raids.



  1. Soon all will know that there is I AM THAT I AM in all Israel, a G_D raised up, girded in trust, upholding and establishing a new kingdom of G_D in Israel, and all the world! Never till now has there ever been a prophet established, I AM he that cometh; One who comes to clean the land of it’s abominations, restoring the House of Jacob, establishing my resting place, thus saith

  2. It’s all a big joke. Whenever a disaster happens, terrorist groups cannot wait to claim credit to make themselves seem stronger than they are and to further their message.

  3. why would they start this fire? if it wasnt for that bus which happend to get trapped in the fire, nobody would have died. Theres no way Al-Qaeda could’ve known someone would die from starting a fire, unless they just started the fire to burn down trees, in which I see no reason why Al-Qaeda would want to burn down trees. It makes no sense that they started this fire.


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