Report: Israel To Open Embassy In Bahrain ‘In Near Future’ Following Normalization Agreement


A senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official said on Saturday that Jerusalem would work to open an embassy in Manama “in the near future,” Israeli media reported.

“We will work to [allow] the opening of an embassy in Bahrain as soon as possible,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

In addition to setting up a diplomatic mission and exchanging ambassadors, the two countries also agreed to establish direct air links between the kingdom and the Jewish state.

Earlier this month, Bahrain announced it was opening its airspace to Israeli flights after Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on August 13 that they were normalizing relations.

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  1. Not so fast!!
    After a few Israelis will go to United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and they will see who Israelis are, ITS OVER !! They may still keep the normalization, but will insist, Israelis stay home !!


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