Report: Jeb Might Vote for Johnson

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Jeb Bush reportedly repeatedly suggested voting for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson during a private luncheon on Wednesday. He had previously said he’d consider voting for the candidate, who is perhaps most known for a recent series of gaffes.

“There was an old man talking to Jeb across the table and said, ‘I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary and Trump,’ and Jeb looked at him and mouthed the word ‘Johnson,’ silently,” a person present told the New York Daily News. Read more at the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.



  1. In other words, Bush would like to indirectly promote Hillary by syphoning away votes from Trump to the so-called libertarian (who really isn’t). Well, his senile father supports Hillary directly. Bushes are showing their true colors – for them it’s not the ideas that count, but their personal quest for power; they relate more to Clintons as fellow self proclaimed kings than to the conservative ideas.


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