Report: Netanyahu Fears ‘Lame Duck’ Obama May Try to Impose Two-State Solution

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By A. Klein

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly concerned that the Obama administration may attempt to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before Obama leaves office.

Citing an Army Radio report on Sunday, the Times of Israel writes that Netanyahu believes Obama may make his move during his “lame duck” period between the American presidential elections and the new president’s inauguration.

His concerns focus on the UN, where rumors have been flying that an upcoming Security Council resolution will define the parameters of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, effectively handing the Palestinians the concessions they want from Israel without any reciprocity. The 1967 borders refer to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

Such resolutions are not uncommon at the UN, but the United States has long exercised an “automatic veto” on them, holding that the conflict must be resolved by direct negotiations between the two sides.

The Times also reports that Israeli media has speculated that the UN moves will be coordinated with a renewed push for peace by Secretary of State John Kerry. If the initiative fails, writes the Times, “the Obama administration might try to impose some kind of accord.”

The State Department has denied the reports.

Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog appeared to confirm at least party of the report, saying that Kerry – who he met with last week – may make another push for negotiations. If Netanyahu does not respond, he said, “We’ll have an accord imposed upon us.”


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  1. Bibi can reject the proposal. Herr Obama would need the Congress to go along, and with this being an election season, they will never allow it to happen. Its only if Bibi folds like a cheap camera, which is very possible, such a travesty can happen.


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