Report: Russia Responsible For GPS Flight Disruption At Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport


Russia is responsible for the GPS disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv last week, affecting some planes while trying to land, according to reports on Israeli Army Radio.

Israeli sources told i24NEWS that it was not yet clear how Russia was conducting the disturbance, but said it was likely due to Russian interference. An Israeli official is traveling to Europe to consult with US representatives on how to stop the interference.

A Russian source, however, dismissed the accusations “fake news.”

Read more at i24NEWS.




  1. The Deep State blame Russia for meddling in the 2016 election and want to go into war with Russia.
    The Dutch Cabal blame Russia for downing the MH370 and MH17 planes and want to go into war with Russia.
    Israel’s Mossad blame Russia for the GPS disruption at Ben Gurion and want to go into war with Russia.

    • Actually, the more you let the evil Russians get away with, the more bold they become, the closer you are to real war.


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