Report: Some 9/11 Families Angry at Museum’s ‘Entertainment’ Award



Some families of 9/11 victims are angry that the 9/11 Museum won an award for “themed entertainment” at Disneyland Saturday, saying it confirms their feelings that the museum makes a mockery of their loved ones’ deaths, the New York Post reported.

The Themed Entertainment Association presented the “Extraordinary Cultural Achievement” award at the annual Thea Awards in Anaheim, Calif.

Sally and Al Regenhard lost their firefighter son, Christian, on 9/11, and said they believe the award proves that the museum is not the proper place to store unidentified remains of victims.

“What more evidence do the grieving 9/11 families need that their loved one’s precious remains are being desecrated in a freak show at Ground Zero?” the couple said in a prepared statement. “This award just shows the 9/11 Museum heads have a moral compass that points to money rather than ethics.”

The award was announced in November, and the Themed Entertainment Association’s incoming president Steve Birket said in a blog post on the museum’s website, “Each Thea-honored project represents a step forward in our industry and our collective drive toward excellence in the making of compelling experiences and places.”

The museum, he said, was praised by jurors because it “conveys its important story with eloquence and emotional power while allowing for thoughtful reflection, learning, and tribute by every visitor.”

The museum has come under fire for charging admission and for the gift shop and restaurant located on the site where 3,000 people perished. Even those not bothered by the gift shop found some of the items originally sold there to be distasteful.

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