Report: Trump Plan Won’t Include Palestinian State

Jared Kushner speaks with President Trump during a signing ceremony for a criminal justice bill in the White House in December. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford
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President Donald Trump’s proposal for a “Deal of the Century” to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict promises practical improvements in the lives of Palestinian Arabs but is likely to stop short of ensuring a separate, fully sovereign Palestinian state, people familiar with the main elements of the effort told The Washington Post on Sunday.

The plan is likely to focus heavily on Israeli security concerns, according to The Washington Post. Trump has told friends he wants to upend traditional assumptions about how to resolve the conflict, but unlike in his unorthodox personal diplomacy with North Korea, Trump has largely outsourced the Middle East peace effort to his son-in-law.

Arab officials familiar with Kushner’s sales pitches said he has offered no specifics but suggested that the plan turned on economic opportunities for Palestinians and an enshrining of Israeli control of disputed territory.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. best thing would be for Israel to annex the land they won in 1967 and adopt American-style Federalism – have one non-sectarian central government with Jeffersonian Freedom of Religion and divide Israel into several states like the US with local state governments that might be cultural or religiously influenced. Gaza could be one state, West Bank could be one state, and current Israel could be divided into 3 states, basically 5 united states of Israel. This would solve the issur of having a Jewish country as well.


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