Republican Presidential Candidates Contend for the Best Hanukkah Greeting on Twitter

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gop-romney-cain-gingrichChanukah descended on the United States shortly after sundown on the East Coast on Tuesday, and the Republican Presidential contenders were out in force with their greeting; each in their distinct way.

Of the first two to greet were Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Their tweets hit the waves after 4:40 PM, with Huntsman tweeting: As the celebration begins tonight, Mary Kaye and I would like to wish Jewish families across America & the world a Happy & Joyous Hanukkah. At the same time, Romney wrote, Tonight, as Hannukahbegins, Ann and I extend our best wishes to all our Jewish friends celebrating the Festival of Lights.

At about 5:45, Rick Perry tweeted a simple Happy Hanukkah. This followed five minutes later with a greeting from Newt Gingrich: I would like to wish all those who celebrate a Chag Chanukah Sameach, or a HappyChanukah.”

Rick Santorum is busy with his two endorsements in Iowa so he didn’t have a chance to tweet a greet at this time, and Michele Bachmann at the time of this writing, did also not yet greet. However, based on her understanding that you say “Sholom Alaichem” at the end of a speech (see RJC speech), we should expect that she will tweet a greeting at on the last day of this Hanukkah…

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