Revolutionary Project Eases the Boro Park Housing Crisis  

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The residents of Boro Park are pumped with excitement as the new housing project of the century nears completion.

Located on 4913 19th Avenue, a dream condominium complex is the source of the impending joy.  Families from across Boro Park are waiting with heightened anticipation to jump into this once in lifetime opportunity.

160 units of designer condos are being offered to the masses at an affordable price!  Finally, a high end living solution will exist, where robbing the bank is not part of the process.

The Pinnacle Condominiums have been designed to meet the needs of all family sizes.  Units range from 2 bedroom starter condos to 5 bedroom ultra-spacious condos all without the duplex hassle.  Every condo in The Pinnacle, no matter how large, is a designer flat.

Your condo comes with many perks and upgrades.  A free lifetime parking spot is included with the purchase of any condo size as well as many other high end amenities, not found in any other condo across the Boro Park spectrum.

The first buyers will have access to huge price cuts!  

To access an informative brochure with detailed photos, click on the link below:



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