Revolutionary Weddings To Offer Free Wedding Photography Services To Public

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free-photographyA progressive new company,, will be launching their new website this month. The company emulates internet titans such as Google, YouTube and Facebook by providing their services free of charge, has learned. is an online wedding photography studio that marshaled a group of highly creative, professional photographers. These wedding photography artists will be making their images available for purchase exclusively on the internet, clearly confident in the quality of their pictures.

AJ, the Marketing Director of, explained his goal to

“Photography is of the largest expenses on the wedding to-do list,” he says. “Brides have been settling for less because of the gravity of financial pressures. understands in these trying economic times, every little bit helps. By allowing customers the ability to pick and choose their photographs, is giving the power of the wallet back to consumer.” will offer their on-site wedding photography free of charge for six hours to anybody booking their service.  In that time, family and friends will have portraits and candids taken throughout the event.  The images are enhanced with signature software before final uploading.  The pictures will then be posted to for thirty days.  All this for no charge.

In days to follow, the bride and groom will be able to provide passwords to all family, friends, and guests to browse the photographs and purchase the selected images at a stunningly affordable rate.   Customers may order as many or as little as they choose. There is no obligation.

AJ elaborates: “The upside is, that the total package price of all the images delivered as 4×6 proofs will not be more than a client will pay elsewhere for this level of quality. The photographers at will ensure that customers are absolutely happy with the pictures that are taken at their wedding.  This is a no-brainer.  Check out the site for any FAQ (frequently asked questions).”

Customers are afforded the ability to order their beautiful wedding images from any place in the world, day or night.  Visit the site for availability.

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  1. Brilliant:

    Revenue will come from scores of pepole (probably to a large extent friends of Kallah/Chosson) each wanting to buy a few pictures of themselves with the Chosson/Kallah/Mechutanim etc…

    Family will get their pictures by only paying the cost of the picutes as opposed to the cost of the photogropher

    Cutting Edge

    SHEER BRILLIANCE and this will be trendsetting!

    Kol Hakavood

  2. The “stunningly affordable rates” will be higher than you think. You can take all the pictures for the “amazing” price of $1,776. The website says $7.45 per 6×4. Who knows what an 8×10 would be? No decent photgrapher will donate 6 hours of time. There is a business model that will expect to somehow reasonably compensate the photographer. They have calculated an expectation of how many pictures would reasonably be ordered. What happens after the 30 days? Will the prices suddenly jump? I’d stick to a highly recommended photographer with a reasonable agreed upon fee for agreed upon album/s and proof package. You’ll come out ahead. This service will be useless if you take advantage of the “free offer” and are left without the picture you want because they will cost too much.

  3. now think about this, we attend a wedding done by this firm, 400people show , the capture rate is 10%-20% so 40-80 people go online to view.
    say sales of 500 photos max are purchased at a cheap price of 10 dollars a photo for 5000 dollars total.

    now the photographers etc who did the job for six hours need to be paid its a crew of 3 or 4 for 6 hours thats 18-24 hours of pay plus travel and equipment…

    then you purchase and save to your pc and never look at it so what do you have from it all????

    and finally why cant any photographer offer same concept free photos purchase from web via password shared with family.

    this has been out for a while.

  4. Plus they will generate revenue stream by selling onluine ads since the masses will strem to their site to look at their friends/families pictures.

    Basically it’s a different business model. Surely anyone could do it, but not anyone is ready to offer their services for free to do it….

  5. The business model is genius.
    Sure there will be discreditors.
    If the bottom line is no one pays more than then they would elsewhere for this quality if they invest in all the pictures, then the naysayer on this thread is either a photo studio sweating or someone who failed third grade math. The model is all risk for Revoultionaryweddings to sell you pix with no obligation to buy any minimum.


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