Ribbon Cutting for Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Room and Shabbos Lounge at Calvary Hospital

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chesed-247-hospitality-room-and-shabbos-lounge-at-calvary-hospitalTuesday, December 3rd, saw the inauguration and ribbon-cutting ceremony of a beautiful new Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Room and Shabbos lounge at Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY.

Calvary Hospital, known as the nation’s leading specialty hospital providing palliative care, has always strived to expand its programs and services that meet the emerging physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of both patients and families. Whether patients are there for a brief stay involving wound care or end of life palliative services, they experience a unique commitment to compassionate and quality care. When it came to the Hospital’s attention that there was a need for a designated room that Sabbath-observant families could visit at any time of day or night for some kosher food and respite, they did something about it. They partnered with Chesed 24/7.

Chesed 24/7’s mission is simple: to be there for anyone dealing with a medical crisis or illness, however and whenever possible. That mission is carried out via a host of different programs, including daily kosher meals, Shabbos Box packages, pomegranate juice for cancer patients, and of course, kosher Hospitality Rooms.

Calvary Hospital’s kosher Hospitality Room is the 15th room, joining hospitals such as Columbia, Mount Sinai, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Cornell and Lenox Hill. The new room features state-of-the-art appliances, tasteful furniture, and every amenity possible. It is fully stocked with all kinds of food and drink including cake, coffee, juice, snack bags, soups, etc. This room will act as a “calm within the storm” for many families dealing with extremely difficult medical diagnoses, and the strain and exhaustion that comes with it.

There to discuss the partnership of Calvary Hospital and Chesed 24/7 was Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Frank A. Calamari, President and CEO of Calvary Hospital; Dr. Edward R. Burns, Executive Dean of Albert Einstein College of Medicine; and Rabbi Tzvi Miller, Director of Development at Chesed 24/7. Rabbi Israel Spitzer, Mayor of New Square, NY, presented an award to the Hospital, and the award was accepted by the renowned and beloved Dr. Michael J. Brescia, Executive Medical Director of Calvary Hospital. Dr. Brescia, a member of the Hospital staff for over 50 years, delivered a powerful message -united, we can better the lives of those who suffer, and give them the proper care and support.

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