Right-Wing Group Hangs Palestinian Flags On Roads, Spooking Settlers


A right-wing organization hung Palestinian flags along highways in the West Bank overnight in a self-styled “secret campaign,” prompting a flurry of complaints by Jewish residents to police.

The goal of the stunt, the Regavim organization said in a statement on Sunday morning, was to alert Israelis that a “terror state was around the corner.”

Regavim, which monitors Palestinian construction in the West Bank, said the move was designed to “wake up” the local Jewish population, “to shock, alert, and illustrate what will happen if illegal Arab construction is allowed to continue unhindered and a de facto Palestinian state is established as per the Fayyad Plan of 2009,” referring to a proposal by then-Palestinian Authority prime minister Salam Fayyad.

 Read more at Times of Israel.



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