Rivlin: I Have A Weakness For Chareidim

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President Reuven Rivlin addressed the annual conference of the Chareidi Institute for Policy Studies, which deals with issues of housing, economics, philanthropy and governance. The conference was attended by academics, philanthropists and government officials who have worked during the past two years to create a political and financial dialogue between Israel’s chareidi and general society.

Saying that he was “more than happy about the existence of this unique conference,” Rivlin added, “I must admit that I have a weakness for the chareidi world. I am Yerushalmi, what is known as a Tzalmer.”

Rivlin repeated his oft stated message that although “the state’s merit of supporting Torah scholars is part of the power of the State of Israel as a Jewish state,” chareidim need to plan a policy for the future, as a third of kindergarten children in Israel are now from their sector.

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