Rivlin: We Came to Israel Out of the Understanding that This Is Our Land

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israeli-president-rivlinIsraeli President Reuven Rivlin visited an elementary school in the community of Peduel in Samaria to help celebrate the first day of classes on Tuesday. Located 4.5 km. east of the 1967 line (the Green Line) and 25 km. east of Tel Aviv, Rivlin said the hilltop community has come to symbolize Israel’s historical and geographical connection, from the sea to the hilltops, from the past to the future.

“It connects the biblical kingdom of Israel with the modern state,” he said. “Those who live here know that we will never again lend our hand to the dissolution of Jewish sovereignty.”

“We did not come to Israel because we fled the Holocaust or pogroms, we came and we will continue to settle it out of happiness and joy and the understanding that this is our land,” said the president. “Every stone and tree tells a story. The geography, much like the archeology of Samaria, is like the photographs of a family album. Those who live here live in the middle of a lesson in history, in Bible, in citizenship and love of the land. But the most important lesson learned here is one of unity,” Rivlin said.

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  1. Yeah, but Mr. President why is this land ours? Is it because the IDF captured it in 1948 and threw out most of the local inhabitants. And created their own government. By what right? The right of might?
    Then any other army could C”V throw us right out by the same reasoning.
    Because we’re Jews? So what?
    And what is a Jew? Define it?

    No Mr. President. It’s ours because HB”H gave it to us. He created it, He gave it us. (Check out the first RASHI in Chumash).
    He gave it to us to do Mitzvos.

    If you don’t believe in ALL of that, then you can’t believe that EY is ours. Those brave soldiers that fought in 1948 were thieves if you don’t believe in Shabbos (that shows the world that we DO believe that He created the world, that He IS the Great Real Estate Broker), Taharas Hamishpacha, Shemita, Kashrus, etc. ALL 613!!!
    And one of those 613 is WHO IS A JEW.
    (No, Michael Douglas is NOT a Jew, nor are his children. Give him all the prizes in the world, it won’t make him Jewish. A nice guy, yes. Jewish, NO! The rules were given to us by Him. Not through the Nuremberg Laws, nor by the Knesset.)
    If you don’t believe in that, then pack your bags, because Israel is not ours, nor yours for that matter.
    Before you do, please inform your PM the same. If he eats tarfus in Italy, then he doesn’t believe EY is ours.
    Ironically, you and your PM are both Jewish – even if you don’t really understand what that means nor believe in what that means. You see it’s a private club. Either you’re born into it (sort of like being an Israeli citizen if born there) or you join according to the Rulebook (again parallel to a non native becoming a citizen).
    So please, don’t take one Mitzvah (EY) and throw out the other 612. How does it look when one of your Presidents and one of your PM’s gets sentenced to jail time for not keeping all the Knesset’s laws? Ya gotta keep em ALL – or you’re NOTHING! Nothing but a criminal.
    And that’s what the Big Forgiver created Yom Kippur for. Try it, you’ll like it. And then you’ll be a proud Jew, and deserve Eretz Yisroel.


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