Rochester Welcomes New Community Kollel for First Time


On Rosh Chodesh Elul, a new community kollel opened in Rochester, NY, a first for the upstate community.  The kollel has opened under the auspices of Congregation Light of Israel. Rav Avi Mammon, rov of Light of Israel, enthusiastically spoke about the new kollel, Ohr Torah.

“There was a desire to expand the Torah base of the shul and to significantly impact the greater Rochester Jewish community with harbotzas Torah,” explained Rav Mammon.

Several years ago, a few key members of the shul, Alan Brodsky, Dr. Ralph Madeb and Jeff Springut, began plans to establish a new kollel. Under the guidance and direction of Rabbi Mammon, the search for a rosh kollel and kollel members began in earnest.

Rabbi Daniel Schon, the rosh kollel, and Rabbi Yitzi Shulman, program coordinator, along with Rabbi Yitzchak Lomner and Rabbi Shaya Rand, were found to be a perfect fit. The members of the kollel, a magnificent group of yungeleit, showed the desire and ability to become part of this venture.

Aside from the daily learning schedule, the kollel engages baalei batim of all backgrounds and levels of Judaism in serious Torah learning.

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