Rockland GOP Branch To Re-air Controversial Ad


An advertisement that many, including the Republican Jewish Coalition, have deemed anti-Semitic against the Chassidic community will be re-aired by the Rockland County GOP in New York, announced the head of the local Republican branch.

The video, titled “A Storm Is Coming,” blames Chassidic Jews for housing overdevelopment in what is the southernmost county west of the Hudson River—one that boasts a significant Jewish population.

It includes captions such as “Aaron Wieder [a Jewish Rockland County legislator] and his Ramapo bloc are plotting a takeover.”

“The Video came down for 2 reasons: first accomplished its goal of highlighting the issues that face our county. And second, took it down because the controversy stopped adding to number one above,” said Rockland GOP chairman Lawrence Garvey in a Facebook post on the Village of South Nyack site, reported The New York Post.

“However, the video will be back, because this conversation is important to Rockland,” he added.

The ad was planned months in advance of its release in August, reported The New York Post.

It was condemned as anti-Semitic, including by the RJC, which tweeted, “This video is absolutely despicable. It is pure anti-Semitism and should be immediately taken down. The Rockland County Republican Party is an embarrassment and has no place associating itself with our party.”

“Rockland County GOP knows exactly what they’re doing. This is not the first time they’ve invoked anti-Semitic rhetoric to spread hate,” tweeted Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), without specifying other such instances. “This is a disgusting attempt to divide our communities. Anti-Semitism and all forms of hate are not welcome in the Lower Hudson Valley.”




  1. The whole original ruckus about the ad reminds of a line I saw about thirty years ago in The Jewish Observer z’l.

    “We took a virtual nobody and made him a national hero and spokesman for all the dormant anti-semites”

    Does it help our cause to have a person like Letitia James – who has never given any aid when we faced physical anti-semitic attacks – give publicity to this ad?

    Would it not be better to acknowledge that there is nothing explicitly anti-Semitic about the ad and that nobody Jew or Non-Jew likes drastically changing neighborhoods? (when they were ones who settled there first)What is the point of making this into an openly “us against them issue”?

    In the end, it is being reaired anyhow. By people who are now probably even more hostile to us.R’L

    In golus we have to keep a low profile.

    • Agreed. Ms. James hatred for our current President is so severe, she intentionally allows the anti semitism in Crown Heights and Williamsburg to fester because if she somehow gets involved and has to criticize a fellow black (all the perpetrators were black) that will somehow give a victory to President Trump. Yes, it’s sick logic but that’s the current narrative set by the ms media. Better people die than to give even a hint of supporting white Jews who overwhelmingly support the white President Trump.

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