Romney: Obama ‘Dishonest’

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mitt-romneyThe book Double Down comes out this week, and Mitt Romney’s on the Sunday talk shows: it’s like the 2012 election never ended. Romney accused President Obama of “fundamental dishonesty” in his healthcare plan, and said “states should be able to craft their own plans.”

“He told people they could keep their insurance, and that was not the truth,” Romney said on Meet the Press.

Although Romney presided over the Massachusetts healthcare law that the president modeled his own plan on, Romney insisted that healthcare legislation should be left to states to decide on their own, not the federal government. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Romney is an honest politician. He honestly lost the election. He honestly lost the election for a good reason. He was honestly wrong on every major issue.

  2. I do not need Romney to say this. We know that Obama is the SHAKRAN-IN-CHIEF!

    Additionally, it is Obama that is wrong on every major issue. Why? Because it is always all about Obama. It is not about the American people.

    Obama uses the American people as human shields to aggressively advance HIS agenda. And, as long as Obama gets his way, the sole of his boot will become even more entrenched our throats through more taxes, more spending, and more regulations to make our lives more miserable.

    Pushing Obamacare, Obama will lie, cheat, and swindle his way (with the help of his lieutenants in the Senate and House) to consolidate his power and line the pockets of his henchmen.

  3. Hey Mitt. If you would of criticized Obama during your campaign & not been afraid of being called the “R” word by the Democrat controlled media, maybe you of had a chance of winning. This is what happens when you listen to LOSERS like Karl Rove!


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