Romney: Obama Can’t Handle The Truth


romney-obamaFormer Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney fired back at President Obama for barring the Herald from full access to the presidential visit to Boston yesterday, saying the commander-in-chief’s “retribution” against the media has no place in the White House.

“The media has a responsibility to be truthful and to be interesting, and the Herald is both of those things,” Romney said last night. “The president barring the Herald from attending a presidential event flies in the face of the spirit of the First Amendment.”

The White House blocked the Herald from being part of the press pool at yesterday’s Hub fund-raiser, citing the front-page treatment the paper gave to an opinion piece by Romney criticizing the president’s economic policies the last time Obama was in town.

“I know the president and the White House are very sensitive about anyone who talks about the failures in the economy,” Romney said. “They’re in denial about putting people out of work and the under-employed. When the Herald speaks the truth, they lash out.”

Romney, who is the current GOP front-runner to take on Obama in 2012, also blasted the president for going back on pledges he made during his historic 2008 run.

“I think the president’s campaign promises in too many cases have gone by the boards. The transparency pledge was the first to go,” Romney said. “The inclination toward retribution and lashing out toward people who disagree with his economic posture is only the latest chapter.”

And should Romney win the White House next year, he is a firm believer that he couldn’t get away with snubbing the press as Obama has done.

“I think it’s very hard for a Republican administration to try and punish the media for a story they don’t like,” Romney said. “And this is not in keeping with the First Amendment principles that have governed the White House.”

The White House Press Office didn’t respond to several e-mails requesting comment.

The Herald’s blackballing also drew fire from the national GOP.

“It’s ironic that the president who claims to be the most transparent in history stops when it comes to lining his campaign coffers,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Krista Kukowski, referring to reports that Obama won’t reveal how much he raised at the Boston events.

Tory Mazzola, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, slammed the White House’s “phony, business-as-usual” actions against the Herald.

“It’s obvious that those promises of change and transparency were nothing more than empty campaign slogans,” Mazzola said.

{Boston Herald/ Newscenter}


  1. Private political party findraisers are not always open as it is. So as usual Romney- the republican candidate in 2008 that all of the other candidates ridiculed amongst themselves- continues the two main tactics he pursued in 2008- [1] lies and in this article [2] complaining about trite occurences about which there is another side to the story.

  2. Oh yeah, Orwell, like you’re always so fair to the other side of the story. That’s politics. There are ALWAYS two sides to the story. That doesn’t prevent one side from criticizing the other. Your bias towards Obama is sickening.


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