Rubashkin White House Petition Tops 32,000, Remains in Second Place

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rubashkin[Link below.] As first publicized here on, there  is a petition to President Barack Obama asking him to investigate the Rubashkin case, following the recent brazen denial of appeal by the 8th Circuit Court.

Although the petition reached the requisite signatures within hours and has now exceeded 32,000 signatures, and even though it is currently the second highest signed petition in the nation, more signatures are needed to show the White House that this is something that people are taking very seriously.

As reported here last week, the White House changed its policy for the “We the People” petitions, requiring 25,000 signatures to garner an official response from the White House policy team, up from the 5,000 signatures required initially when the site was unveiled at the end of September. The Rubashkin petition, which commenced prior to this change, was not subject to this new minimum level, although, as mentioned, it has far surpassed that plateau.

Take a moment to sign the petition and pass it along. Click here.

Continue to daven for Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A similar, well-thought-out petition spearheaded by a known leader should be done for Jonathan Pollard requesting clemency/commuting sentence to time served.

  2. lets see what our president will do with the petition. if he does respond it will only be because an election is coming up, Lets all be
    mispallel that hashem yerachaim

  3. @Waiting for Moshiach- we already know the White House’s stance on the Pollard issue so a petition wouldn’t have the same effect.

  4. I have tried many times to sign this petition, I am never able to.
    When I click your link (“Click Here”) it doesn’t seem to be working.
    Could it be because I MAY have already signed, so it rejects my computer??
    I usually end up (after getting to a US gov. petition site containing about 40 “heading links”, each leading to MANY other petitions) on a page about the American Jobs Act.
    Either I already signed, or, I’m making a mistake that OTHER potential signers are also making.
    Could you please provide clear, explicit instructions.

    Thanks so much!

  5. All concerned people should read this past Sunday;s New York Times article about federal court judge Danny Chinn.He has shown pity and compassion on defendants who have REGRET and REMORSE for what they have down. All of this tumult , petitions , torah etc. is all a WASTE of time. Let him issue a very strong statement declaring regret and remorse. Better late than never.

  6. No. 1: Absolute Excellent Idea. This would force the White House to respond to a reasonable request. It would also bring the matter to Page One status with garnering 100,000 signatures or more !!!!! Your recommendation should immediately be given to Rabbi Pesach Lerner of the Young Israel movement. Thank you.

  7. To Numer 1. There IS a petition our for Jonathan Pollard. You can google and I know it will come up.
    To everyone else out there: c’mon. It is a five minute process. Get both of these petitions signed asap. Pass this along to anyone and everyone you know. There are way more than 32,000 of acheinu using the internet. There are probably hundreds of thousands of us. Just donate a few minutes of your time to perhaps help save two wonderful individuals. And remember, that if you were in their shoes, you would expect the same to be done for you.

  8. #1 there’s already one for Johnathan Pollard you can vote for both some times the system messes up you might need to make a new email address

  9. Actually there is a petition up and running for Jonathan Pollard but I don’t understand why there isn’t a public campaign for Jonathan as well. Please spread the word and have people sign the petition for JONTHAN POLLARD as well!

  10. There was a petition created to pordon Jonothon Pollard. When you go on the site to sign the petition for Shalom Rabashkin please sign the petition titled- “Pardon Jonothon Pollard”.


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