Rules For Israeli Talmudei Torah


By order of a 2011 High Court ruling, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his deputy minister MK Meir Porush signed official legal regulations for the administration of Israel’s “exempt institutions,” talmudei Torah where 51,000 of 432,000 chareidi children are exempt from studying the Liba core curriculum syllabus.

The regulations allow the pupils to receive 55% of the amount granted to those of regular schools on condition that they learn half the subjects of a list including Tanach, history, Jewish heritage, nature and physical training. They need to learn a second language of the talmud Torah’s choosing, which can include Yiddish.

In the last government, Shai Piron of Yesh Atid tried to use the court’s ruling to foist the Liba curriculum onto talmudei Torah. MK Meir Cohen of Yesh Atid blasted the new development, saying, “Separatism is in, Liba is out.”

At the same time, 44 “recognized but exempt” chadorim of Shas and Agudas Yisroel were fined $3.6 million for non-compliance with the core-curriculum requirement incumbent on this category. This will be detracted from their funding.

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  1. Mr Bennett, instead of gearing up on Talmudei Torah and forcing them to learn secular subjects including atheism, how about forcing secular schools to learn Torah? It’s a Jewish land after all and it should be mandatory for all Jews to learn Torah and Gemara.

    • How do you know? Israeli kids attending secular schools learn precious little about our magnificent heritage, and even the “religious” schools don’t learn much. Today we have Hebrew speaking goyim who are actually just ignorant Jews. How sad.


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