Rush: If Anthony’s Baby Was Killed In The Womb, Media Wouldn’t Care

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limbaugh-rush“You know, what I don’t understand about it is they’re [the media] all card-carrying liberals. When does the death of a child bother them? I’ve never seen them get so upset over the death of a child,” Rush Limbaugh said about the Casey Anthony verdict in his monologue on Wednesday.

“If the child had died, what, two years earlier in the womb this woman would be a star. She’d be a hero. And folks, I don’t think that is a cliche to say. And I don’t think it is as cheap attempt at humor. I think that while it may be uncomfortable to hear — one of the reasons it is uncomfortable to hear is that there is an element of truth in it,” Limbaugh added.

Rush told the media if they want to feel better, they should imagine that Casey Anthony had an abortion instead:

“You people in the media, if you really, really think she is guilty and you want to feel better about this just tell yourselves that she waited a couple of years to get an abortion and then you’ll feel better.”

“Abortion is brutal, [it’s] never characterized that way and the reason it is brutal is because there is an element of truth of it. I just wanted to put it out there. Pure and simple, nothing more.”

{Real Clear Politics/ Newscenter}


  1. Rush you are right, if someone has an abortion, its not a media event. Could it be perhaps that it is the unnamed fetus and not a baby with a name who has become a person? Could it be that you are inept and miss the score to the ball game of life? Do you wonder why I have never found a tick of the clock that ever has me looking for your program on some obscure AM station? No Rush, this is America not Afghanistan.

  2. Rush using your nonsense: Ive never seen you getting so upset over the murder of a convicted felon.
    Rush, if you really, really think she is guilty and you want to feel better about this just tell yourselves that she executed a convicted felon a few years early, then you’ll feel better.”
    Makes exactly as much sense as Rush’s point. Both are so stupid its mind boggling that anyone could think their is an ounce of logic to it.

  3. Ooooh. I never thought the day would come when I would wholeheartedly agree with something he said, but here it is!

  4. Beethoven’s Friend and Yankel, are you not aware that the Rambam paskens that abortion is a form of murder, i.e., the unnamed fetus is a person according to the Torah.

  5. Hey, Hush! Abortion is murder, pure & simple! The fact that the US Government takes our hard earned money & supports planned parenthood & other murderous organizations, is an outrage! You stupid Liberals couldn’t care less about human life! Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  6. No one is saying that she didn’t kill her daughter even the jury believes that she killed her daughter there is just reasonable doubt so this statement has no grounds.

    “It was the right decision that they made. The prosecutors didn’t meet the burden of proof. We had a lot of reasonable doubt there. They didn’t show us the evidence good enough for a conviction.”

  7. I agree with Rush on one point for sure: There is no rational explanation for the media hype over this. There has been more than one instance of a person committing a heinous crime and either getting away with it completely or receiving a ridiculously mellow sentence.

    If there was reasonable doubt, if the prosecution really did fail to put together an air-tight case, then the jury did what it should have done.

  8. Besides which, Rush does have one point: All those in the media who support what they so elegantly call “partial birth abortion” and are hyping about this Anthony case are terrible hypocrites. There is no difference between killing a partially born baby or a two year old child.

  9. #9 you couldnt be more wrong. to illustarte: What is the onesh for somebody who commits abortion (with eidim hasarah, bzman sanhedrin, the works)? and wwhat is the onesh for somebody who kills a two year old child?
    Obviously that dioesnt make abortion mutar chv but to say that “There is no difference between killing a partially born baby or a two year old child.” Is simply wrong.
    #4 I am, though rush isnt. To the best of my knowledge when rush and his opponents debate the etichs of abortion the Ramabm doesnt come up. Secondly the Ramabam is not as pashut as you seem to think, and most rishonim dont say that. but this is complelty beside my point., since rush and most of his listeners couldnt care less what the ramabam says

  10. I put an answer to this but it was not printed. That said, I believe in liberalism and that dictates that we have choices. An unborn fetus is not a living breathing human being. That said, it is against my views to abort unless there is a major health risk to the mother. If the woman chooses to abort without a mitigating factor of physical or extreme mental health, I personally feel that it is truly an averra and I believe that HASHEM has a way to fix and anneal the rift caused by this atrocity. That said, I do not feel I would counsel any woman into an abortion unless it was a dire risk to her health. And even in many cases, women choose to have full term children even with the health risk in mind.


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