Rush Limbaugh: ‘Thank God’ for Obama Woes

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rush-limbaugh-obamaConservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says he thanks God “every day” that he sees problems for President Barack Obama. In an interviewing airing Wednesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Limbaugh said the country has lucked out each time one of Obama’s initiatives has failed.”The fact that his agenda has totally failed this year is the best thing that could have happened to this country,” Limbaugh said. “I thank God every day that it is going down the tubes.”

Limbaugh added that he was thankful that “this Massachusetts election happened,” referencing Republican Scott Brown’s win in the Senate special election there last month.

Limbaugh said that he watched Obama deliver his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress last week, but “gave up after 50 minutes.”

“I heard it all before. There was nothing new in it. The only difference was the tone,” Limbaugh said, belittling Obama “a young inexperienced guy, who is just mad.”

“This is the first time in his life there is not a professor who can turn his C into an A, or to write the law review article for him he can’t write. He is totally exposed. There is nobody to make it better,” Limbaugh said.

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  1. Limbaugh said the country has lucked out each time one of Obama’s initiatives has failed.

    Mr. Limbaugh is absolutely correct.

    Obama’s socialist/communist initiatives, if successful, will slowly destroy this great nation.

  2. It’s time we eliminated gov’t interference. Let’s do away with social security, medicare, medicaid, section 8, HUD and all gov’t subsidies. Let’s especially get rid of public schools, libraries, public parks. And, oh yes, let’s not forget the IRS and Congress. Good bye DEFICITS.

  3. “Mr. Limbaugh is absolutely correct.

    Obama’s socialist/communist initiatives, if successful, will slowly destroy this great nation.”

    Mr Limbaugh is absolutely wrong.

    Obama doesn’t have any communist ideas or theories. If every thing Obama does fails, this country will be doomed.

  4. limbaugh is a very sick man. he would rather america go down the tubes than have obama have any success as our president in progress ior producing or fixing anything.
    limbaugh is a sad sad man.

  5. In addition, we should protest Obama’s most
    recent misguided inititative which is to confer legitimacy upon the abomination of toeivah in the US Armed Forces. This is total folly. (US military has operated heroically and successfully without this ridiculous
    innovation.) Who needs this social experimentation? Why play around with something that works well?

    Of course, from a theological standpoint, such liberalization must be
    condemned as it flies in the face of decency,
    common sense and—most of all—HASHEM’s Law.

    Rabbi Yehuda Levin is currently protesting this reckless and misguided proposal. (The rabbi is a member a spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance Of America and is outspoken on issues pertaining to traditional family values and morality.)

    He properly champions a very important issue. All decent people should protest this wickedness. It is an outrage.
    Rabbi Levin should be commended for his altruistic and righteous indignation on this matter. Good people should voice their outrage;lest this country be transformed into Sodom and Gemorrah. May HASHEM vanquish the wicked.

  6. Barack Obama is Marxist in his thinking. What do you think Marxism is all about? Redistributing wealth and putting everything in the hands of the government. His father is a known Marxist radical and poet/activist, and the church that he went to advocates Communist Liberation Theology, which calls for a vicious blend of Xianity and Socialism, which is one and the same with Communism. These are beliefs grounded in the writings of Karl Marx, and the only difference is that communism is an eocnomic and poltiical ideology, while socialism is just an economic system. The main difference between the ideologies is that Socialism allows for some free market economy and that each person is allotted resources according to how hard they work, and Communism seeks communal ownership of everything and that each person is allotted resources according to their need. Nonetheless, both are disastrous and if Obama’s polciies go through, we will go down the tubes like Europe, and we will be paying 50% of our income in taxes and we will have to wait 8 months to see a doctor. Obama’s policies have one goal in common- they ALL will destroy this country. Rush Limbaugh never wished for America to go down the tubes, but he is 100% correct that if Obama’s policies go through, our country will be destroyed. Socialism and Communism are NOT what this country is about. For those of you who want socialism and universal health care, go to Sweden, where you will be thrown in jail for having your sons circumcised and where you can’t do shechita. Always rememmber also, that Nazi stands for National Socialist. We should not have the same economic system that Yemach Shmo and his evil cohorts advocated for. Marx, although having Jewish blood, was a rabid Anti-Semite. His father had abandoned the practice of Judaism in order to function more freely in and with the newly established Prussian state, and in order to attract more clients to his law practice. He accused Judaism of being concerned with nothing but money, and described it as a system of cultural and religious deception whose real concern was capital, bullion, currency – in short, whatever the coin of the realm or the currency of the era presented or valued. Indeed, one of his main works was called On The Jewish Question (1843), also known as A World Without Jews. Marx made specific charges against the Jews in his polemic. Jews worship Mammon, not God. Jews practice usury. Their true religion is predicated upon the acquisition of money through any and all means. The emancipation of all Europeans means the emancipation from Jewry: “emancipation from usury and money, that is, from practical, real Judaism, would constitute the emancipation of our time.” Jews seek to control the world through the control of money: “What is the object of the Jew’s worship in this world? Usury. What is his worldly god? Money. . . . What is the foundation of the Jew in this world? Practical necessity, private advantage. . . . The bill of exchange is the Jew’s real God. His God is the illusory bill of exchange.” Marx further alleges: “Money is the one zealous god of Israel, beside which no other god may stand. Money degrades all the gods of mankind and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal and self-constituted value set upon all things. It has therefore robbed the whole world, of both nature and man, of its original value. Money is the essence of man’s life and work which have become alienated from him: this alien monster rules him and he worships it.”

    Do we really want a country based on this type of thinking? Or do we want one based on the libertarian, conservative, free market, capitalistic thought of the Puritans and the Founding Fathers, who had deep respect for the Jewish people. The Puritans, who were strictly religious Christians, even wanted Hebrew to be the official language of the United States. Goerge Washington praised Jews, writing “May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.” It is clear and obvious to me that Jews in the United States would fare best under a government that advocated policies in line with our worldview. A government that enforced morality among the population, not giving sanction to homosexuality and abortion on demand, and other forms of perversion, that supported the Jewish state 100% and did not mistakenly believe that giving our G-d given land to Arabs will bring peace, that actively combatted terrorism and treated terrorists like the enemy combatants they are (NOT giving them trial by jury and other constitutional protections that do not apply to them), and that enabled its citizens to aspire to excellence without the unnecessary influence of government intervention, encouraging entrepreneurship and the supporting the family and its integrity. These are all Torah values, and Obama and his Democrat ilk are opposed to these values in everything they do.

  7. Are you speaking of the same Yehuda Levin who said that the situation in Haiti was because of the possible repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Yes, that was a really sensible and sensitive thing to say. After all, we all know that Hashem likes to orphan and cripple children because of US policy that hasn’t even taken place yet.

  8. it is interesting to see how people think that rush’s saying something is going to make it or brake it!
    don’t you belive in hashem!

  9. It would really be nice if the people commenting about Pres. Obqma’s politics would bother to find out what they are talking about.

    Mr. Obama is not a socialist. In fact, those of us who really were or are socialist know that he has not implemented a single socialist idea. It wasn’t even his idea to bail out the banks – that was former Pres. Bush. And he for sure isn’t Marxist. (There aren’t that many Marxists left, by the way.) Socialism means the government (i.e. the people’s representatives) own the means of production (like car companies, steel mills, drug companies, etc.) Wall Street and banks are definitely not “means of production.” They just shift money around and take a cut in the process.

    Wanting to reintroduce some regulation for the cowboys in the financial industries isn’t socialism. In fact, it’s the way capitalism in this country used to work, before the anti-government types took over and sent our economy down the tubes.

  10. Rush is a big Oheiv Yisroel (not just a supporter of Israel but a true friend of the Jewish people.)

    We have almost no friends (amongst the nations) like Mr. Limbaugh.

    Yasher Koach Rush Limbaugh!

  11. #13 Obama is not Socialist” …. No, you’re wrong he is. He wants to use government to take over means of production and started with GM–an unprecedented move in that unsavory direction. “It was Bush….” That’s your party line. This is not about Bush. He’s no longer president. (Bush made mistakes.) For you, Obama is not socialist enough because you are a socialist like Van Jones and the other left-wing nuts Obama likes and who are still part of this administration.

    Aside from Obama’s ridiculous
    policies, he patronizes the worst elements in society. Instead of protecting our borders and
    beefing up security, he now announces his
    dumb plan to make toeivah conduct official in the military. What lunacy! Contact your congressman and demand impeachment of this character. You see what Obama and his ilk want:
    legalization of homosexual relationships in the
    armed forces. The military has been operating
    efficiently. The guy has nothing better to do than wreck what works. Ah shoiteh. Der Oibershter zull opheetn! Who does he think he is? King of Sodom? The Torah brands this transgression a Toeivah—an abomination. God bless America!

  12. #10 “Same Yehuda Levin that earthquake in Haiti was because of possible repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Not quite. Rabbi Yehuda Levin is protesting the gratuitous and absurd
    idea to make toeivah relationships totally legal in the US military. (He correctly refers
    to Talmudic sources exposing the evil under consideration.)

    Like most Americans he opposes this
    weird proposal. Don’t ask, don’t tell as policy is working just fine. (I don’t know
    Rabbi Levin personally, but as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi I approve of Rabbi Levin’s activism to stop this evil initiative.)
    I cannot nor do I wish to speak for Rabbi Levin. But it is clear that our holy Torah
    brands such immorality a most egregious abomination. From practical vantage point, it makes absolutely no sense to promote such

    In my opinion, all Orthodox Jews should petition the government to register their heartfelt denunciation of the attempt to repeal a policy that is working. God bless America.

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