Rush On Obama: “I Told You What This Guy Is Alll About”


limbaugh-rushRush Limbaugh attacked President Barack Obama’s comment that “voting was the best revenge” today on his radio show.

“I told you that’s what this guy is all about, and here he is now voicing it himself, off prompter, by the way. This was not written. The real Obama surfaced, and they’re struggling trying to explain this,” Limbaugh said on his radio program Monday, according to a show transcript.

On Friday, Obama told supporters in Springfield, Ohio, that “voting is the best revenge,” prompting GOP criticism and Obama campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki to defend Obama’s comments Saturday.

“And the message [President Obama] was sending is if you don’t like the policies, if you don’t like the plan that Gov. Romney is putting forward, if you think that’s a bad deal for the middle class, then you can go to the voting booth and cast your ballot,” Psaki told reporters Saturday. “It’s nothing more complicated than that.

Mitt Romney told supporters that voters should vote because of “love of country” and not revenge, rhetoric Limbaugh echoed Monday on his program.

“Love of country is exactly what propelled 2010. Love of country is exactly what caused a massive uprising by the Tea Party and the grassroots and a massive Democrat landslide defeat in 2010,” Limbaugh said. “Make no mistake about it, it was love of country that generated that, and it’s love of country that has only intensified since then. It has not evaporated in any shape, way, manner, or form.”

At another point in the show he predicted that “Romney will win big.”


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  1. Obama does not love this country, but neither do you, Mr. Limbaugh. If you did, you would not have said, four years ago, that you hope Obama fails to fix the economy. While I shudder to think of what socialism would do to this country, I’d still rather see a robust economy, even at the hands of a liberal, if absolutely necessary (or even possible).

  2. attention #4- Mr. Limbaugh never said that he hopes Obama fails to fix the economy. He said that he hopes Obama fails to carry out his goal of converting this country to be more socialist and less of a superpower. While everyone was swooning over Obama’s hope and change message, Mr. Limbaugh was one of the few people in the media who recognized Obama’s true goals, and therefore he said he hopes he fails to carry them out. It was very obvious what Mr. Limbaugh meant but the media, unsurprisingly, distorted it.

  3. Love of Country does not tune me into fascist broadcasts on the radio. Thats about all I can think of with Limbaugh. No thanks.

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