Rush Stays Shtark: Limbaugh Says ‘Everything’s Cool,’ Even As 40+ Advertisers Flee

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limbaugh-rushTalk show host Rush Limbaugh sought to reassure listeners on Taanis Esther after the tally of local and national companies that have pulled their advertisements from his time slot topped 40, insisting that the show will go on and that the program is not losing revenue from the exodus.

At last count, 42 advertisers, two radio stations and two musicians have closed the door on Limbaugh following incendiary comments he made last week about a Georgetown law student who testified before Congress regarding coverage of insurance plans.

The conservative commentator apologized for his “insulting” comments in a statement posted to his website on Shabbos and again on his radio show Monday.

Despite the apology, customers and listeners have taken to social media to inundate advertisers, stations and sponsors of Limbaugh’s show with calls to boycott Limbaugh.

Limbaugh told his listeners on Wednesday that “everything’s cool,” noting that many of the advertisers that have yanked their support are local and thus have little if any impact on the show’s revenues.

“Nobody is losing money here, including us, in all this,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday. “[The advertisers] are not canceling the business on our stations. They’re just saying they don’t want their spots to appear in my show. We don’t get any revenue from ’em anyway. The whole effort is to dispirit you.”

The conservative commentator estimated that as many as 18,000 companies could be advertising on any one of the 600 or so stations that broadcast his three-hour radio program.

“ABC News, who understands how this works and are purposely misrepresenting it, is out there ballyhooing that we have lost 28 sponsors,” Limbaugh said. “Twenty-eight sponsors out of 18,000! That’s like losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-thru. You don’t even notice it.”

While he would not name companies, Limbaugh said three new sponsors have signed onto his show in the past two weeks.

“None of what’s happening is out of the ordinary,” Limbaugh said. “It’s just part of an onslaught to try to convince you that this show’s history and our days are numbered. And I’m happy to tell you nothing could be further from the truth.”

Here is the list of confirmed companies who have officially pulled their advertisements from the Rush Limbaugh radio show:

Service Magic home contractor

Hadeed Carpets

Accuquote Life Insurance

Vitacost vitamin supplier

Bonobos clothing company

Sensa weight- loss program

Thompson Creek Windows


Tax Resolution Services


Legal Zoom online document creator

Carbonite web security firm

Citrix software maker

Sleep Train Mattresses

Sleep Number mattresses

Quicken Loans

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington

Cascades Dental

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

Constant Contact email marketing firm

Philadelphia Orchestra

Reputation Rhino online reputation consulting firm

St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Cunningham Security

Regal Assets precious medal investment group

Freedom Debt Relief

Norway Savings Bank

Portland Ovations performing arts center

These companies say their ads were mistakenly run during Limbaugh’s program and have contacted radio stations and media buyers to ensure their ads do not run during his program again.


Capital One




PolyCom web conferencing

The following companies said they did not intentionally have their ads run during Limbaugh’s show, but are also not specifically taking steps to remove the ads from his time slot.

John Deere

Bethesda Sedation Dentistry

Amberen medication

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  1. His show is very very far from history. He will continue on. Truth is, Rush is a benefit to us. Who would you like to replace him, Geraldo Rivera? – the extreme disgusting whom the libs tried desperately to get onto radio?

  2. good riddance. those pro flower commercials were annoying and the company stinks to deal with. Limbaugh should tell the companies “you leave, you cant advertise on my show for the next 3 years.” watch how fast they stop leaving. most of them will be back in 3 months

  3. Now that has been showing of late some courageous independence, the GOP “bosses” stopped shielding him,and he got whammed.

  4. The way it’s being spun on the left is that some on the right are only bothered by the actual words used, not the overall content. I should hope that all of us here are thinking this through seriously.

    Was this one of those monologues where he warns you to get the kids out of the room first? Because if not, then be really, really careful….

  5. This year Rush will only make $45,000,000 instead of $50,000,000. I’m sobbing for him. Perhaps we can all mobilize to pay for his food.

  6. WND reported yesterday that Limbaugh indicated he has brand-new sponsors lined up to advertise on his program, and some who had canceled are now asking to return.

    “We have three brand-new sponsors that will be starting in the next two weeks,” Limbaugh said. “Two of the sponsors who have canceled have asked to return. We are being very careful about that. I’m not gonna give you any names here. One of them is practically begging to come back.”

  7. Thanks for providing the list of companies that I should boycott. Many of these companies advertise on radical Leftist programs.

  8. I don’t understand. All these advertizers knew what Rush was all about before they started with him. Their pulling out now makes no sense! I agree with the previous commentator. We now have less annoying commercials to listen to!

  9. It’s a peleh that frum Yiddin can back this disgusting and pritsudikeh man. Anyone who is defending him must either not know the full extent of what he actually said, or be a big hypocrite. We would have very harsh words for anyone else who talked this way. (This is all ignoring his four marriages.) For some reason, once someone agrees with our views on some issues, he becomes like a navi – and if we thought about it we may realize that some others who we consider to have some different views than us may be much more admirable menchen. DON’T ADMIRE THIS EGOTIST.

  10. re hello (9): I thought I knew what Rush was about from the years I listened to him. (I don’t know because of the competition.) I heard this particular rant, I think in its entirety quoted on other shows and I was really, really disturbed at just how vulgar it was. The words and the thought processes behind it.


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