Russian Official: Egypt Proves ‘Democracy Not Good For Everyone’

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russian-troopsIf there’s one thing the Egyptian redux revolution proves, according to a top Russian politician, it’s that democracy is not a “one size fits all” system. In fact, said Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, “demo …

Full article at: Arutz Sheva

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  1. The era of democracy ,is in reality ,coming to an end (all over).

    The pretense and disguises,however,will go on some years.

  2. He is absolutely right. Look what democracy put in the oval office today. This isn’t what the founding fathers intended.

  3. there is no DEMOCRACY anymore in the world !!! the only one DEMOCRATIC country in the world now has a DICTATOR that tries to control its citizens healthcare, phone calls, emails, etc. etc – YOU CALL THAT DEMOCRACY???

  4. The Torah does not prescribe any form of Government for society. Even the monarchy (“soim tosim alecha melech”) is not mandatory.

  5. To # $.

    The Torah is a strict set of laws and very undemocratic. The entire idea of democracy is directly opposed to Torah. For the Middle East democracy just doesn’t work, even on a practical level. Unfortunately this is President Bush’s legacy as id obvious to all. Thanks to his obsession we have chaos in that entire region.

  6. The Torah does prescribe the spirit of Government for society.

    Even the monarchy (”soim tosim alecha melech”) is not mandatory.
    But the greatest considered it a mitzva and an ideal

  7. Torah Proscribes True Liberty. And on that note, you can read between the lines, Democracy is best.

    As for Russia, they are foolish because Egypt is a referendum against a pickish dictatorship that was sort of Democratically elected. It is not a referendum on Democracy. It is an end to the end of a bad regime according to the common speak on the street. But it is not a cordial event.

  8. #4 your statement is inaccurate. One of the Taryag Mitzvos is having a king, but he must be asked for properly. No king = no Bais Hamikdosh, no destruction of Amalek.

    However, democracy is certainly not a Torah concept.

  9. Democracy is defined as when people(demos in Greek) make their governmental decisions as per the majority of voters. When the majority is rotten, the consequent democratically elected government is rotten too. After all, Hitler was elected democratically, Stalin and Mao probably would have been if there were on the ballot.


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