Russia’s Putin to Israel’s Netanyahu: Respect Syria’s Sovereignty


Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday and urged him to do nothing to destabilize Syria, the Kremlin said.

Syria, Iran and Russia say Israel was behind an air strike on a Syrian air base on Sunday that killed seven Iranian military personnel, something Israel has neither confirmed nor denied.

In the telephone call, Putin told Netanyahu that it was important to maintain Syria’s sovereignty, according to a statement on the Kremlin’s web site.

Reuters and Algemeiner Staff




  1. President Putin is a soulless, avaricious, conscienceless, imperialist expansionist who has no moral qualms about gassing innocent men, women and children in order to establish a Russian presence in the Middle East. The sheer audacity of this thief of Crimea lecturing any other country about respecting sovereignty would be unthinkable, at least in any individual who possessed a smidgen of human decency.


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