SAD: Overwhelming Majority of Jews to Vote for Biden, Despite Trump’s Support For Jews and Israel

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  1. 1) it’s those democrat handouts – free! free! free! 2) Sadder: FDR who was the reason for many Jews being democrats in those days seem to not know history and what he stood for.

    • no alternative facts, use your minds, don't ignore or evade the truth to make yourselves feel better about your choices

      There is income barometer for farm subsidies. The average income of a farmer who gets subsidies is 150,000 the Republicans call it “grants”. USDA directly ties farm subsidies to govt assistance to the poor. Hashem takes care of Israel, not Trump. He is responsible for the spread of COVID, he is responsible for the continued rise in white nationalism, and they don’t like Jews. Majority of Jews are getting it right, they are informed and are not fed a selective information diet. Marc Levin is an embarrassment but hero to the Orthodox Jews. The person who wins the election is because Hashem wants him to. I would like to think that If Biden wins it will be the beginning of the end of suffering that has plagued klal yisroel for years. I fear the constant division and infighting amongst Jews will delay the coming of the yeshuah. People can’t seem to disagree without calling each other names. The Worse being RAT it is continually allowed on the Jewish website. That is sad.

      • What?!!! Why do you have such a short term memory? Back in April, the “experts” were predicting an American mortality in the MILLIONS!! President Trump got PPE, masks, ventilators built.He got therapeutics, and vaccines prioritized .B”H ,we had President Trump.He’s the only one who can now rebuild our economy instead of letting Biden and the leftists kill America and turn it into Venezuela.President Trump has done more to fight anti-Semitism ,guarantee religious freedom (from multiple attacks like from the powerful LGBT lobby), and advocate for School Choice for all Americans than any President before. If Biden is elected , all this will be destroyed ,along with any progress for Israel- Arab peace!

      • Wait, so Hashem is taking care of Israel but not in charge of Covid? Biden and the left party’s beliefs are so against the Torah I can’t understand how any Orthodox Jew can vote Democrat.

  2. Sadly, many Jews refuse to view Trump in his totality. Trump is transactional and what he did for Israel is highly overrated. Jerusalem was the capital of iSrael long before the embassy was moved. The embassy was already built in Jerusalem prior to Trump. The relationships with the Arab countries was well established by Previous Israel Prime Ministers, it was now formalized so that the Arab countries can now get weapons with no guarantee that on a later date they will pull out of agreement and use it on Israel. I will not detail the reasons so much acrimony is directed towards Barak Hussein Obama.
    I trust the professionals that had up close interactions with Trump administration and when they said vote like your life depends upon it. AMERICA GETS IT.
    What is sad is the selective information that is highlighted on this website.

    • You are an amazing liar. The embassy was in Yerushalayim before President Trump moved it there? What kind of garbage is that? Well, I will save you from answering, it is what we call FakeNews! The current location, the building was there however it needed to be made into an embassy, which it was not before.

      I highly suggest you tell complete stories. If your kid told you half a story you’d give him a potch in the mouth probably.

      • The building was built already. The operating embassy was not there, but the building already existed. I did not say it was operational. I would not hit a child for an oversight, you are chosed it was intentional. Trump says he made Jerusalem the capital of Israel that is not true. Israel chose its capital.

      • The building was there, jerusalem was the capital of israel, Trump did not make it Israel’s capital like he likes to say, and frankly he did it for the evangelicals not for the Jews.

  3. “(Biden’s polling lead) is almost entirely accounted for by Never Trump Republicans. The group of Republicans currently voting for Biden account for 4% of all voters nationwide.”

    “If they were voting for President Trump instead, the race would be dead even.”

    • calling jews enemies because they don’t vote for your candidate? how about separate your identity from your politics it might make you feel better

  4. Wow what fake news…now u know how biden leading bechlal..ami did poll which 83% frum jews voting for trump.. this alone might be reason lots of ppl will be surprised nov3

    • What states do most of the frum yidden live in? Do you really think frum yidden are going to deliver NY, NJ and California? Frum Yidden will help in Florida.

  5. What is sad is that Jews keep voting Democrat, a party that goes against Torah values like fire and water.

    However, as was once said, liberal Jews are a liberal first and Jewish second. Jewish conservatives are Jewish first but politically conservative second. It all depends where your Jewish is.

  6. i cannot vote for a candidate whose entire politics goes against yiddishkeit. chickens who are being slaughtered to be used for food is an abomination, but aborting an unborn child, that.s a woman’s right?

  7. Jews are smart and Jews know that a president that creates strife and demonizes others based on race and creed is not good for the country. A president who peddles QAnon conspiracy theories is not good for the country. Trump has undermined the foundations of American Democracy. John Kelly, Jim Mattis, John Bolton, all say he is unfit. Anthony Scaramucci and Michael Cohen say the same. These people know him well and say he is a danger. Trump tore up the Iran Deal with no replacement. Today Iran is closer to a bomb r”l, enriches uranium at a record pace, and is able to purchase weapons without any embargo in place due to Trump’s disastrous policies. Trump must go. The word SAD should be removed from the headline and replaced with PROUD

  8. I’m a frum Jew. You guys posting here have about as much of a clue about this as you’ve had about Covid-19. Boruch Hashem the “normal” Jews are voting 90% for the sane candidate.

    • Can’t blame them Matzav feeds them a diet of far right media and when they fo int he car they listen dar right media.
      50% of Trump supporters think he is protecting them from pedophelia. Qanon is here and it is now the Republican party.

      • Great. So vote for your deity, Joe Biden, and be prepared to be thrown out of the country as he mounts his trip to the promised land to greet the messiah.


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