Safer Swimming with Chesed of Lakewood This Summer


Summer is coming to a close with pools in Lakewood safer for swimmers than ever.  With the introduction of Chesed of Lakewood’s initiative this summer, many pools now have clear signs posted with the pool’s address and Hatzolah’s phone number.

“The quick response of pool owners to the Pool Address Signs project was unbelievable,” says a Chesed of Lakewood volunteer who coordinated the project. “As soon as this project was announced requests were pouring in for these signs. It was really inspiring to see how Lakewood pool owners realize their responsibility towards the safety of their pool guests.”

The objective of this potentially lifesaving project is to save precious minutes during an emergency at a pool in ascertaining a pool’s address and needless confusion for the emergency responder attempting to respond to the call.  These durable, attractive and very noticeable signs have big clear bold lettering stating each specific pool’s address and Hatzolah’s phone number.  Pool owners who have participated in the project have expressed their appreciation to Chesed of Lakewood for taking the initiative and making their pools a safer environment for their guests, family and friends.



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