Salute To Israel Parade Marches On Fifth Avenue


salute-to-israelThe skies were gloomy but spirits were bright at the 62nd annual Salute to Israel Parade today. “I’m here every year. I’ll never miss it. It’s the great thing that will happen,” said Francine Simon of the East Side.

Fifth Avenue was awash in a sea of blue-and-white as thousands of people, young and old, waved Israeli flags, cheered and sang songs.

“Happy birthday Israel,” one little girl said.

Larry Shevlin brought his family from Flatbush and was using the parade to teach his children about their heritage. “We’re teaching them that even though there are many problems Israel is facing in terms of its security, our prayers and thoughts are with them and we’re hoping this can be resolved amicably. And Israel is always in our prayers.”

Many people attending the parade today were there not only to show support for Israel but also to send a message to the world. “We want to send a message that we are behind Israel, the state of Israel, and we would like to preserve it,” said Sori Teitelbaum of Woodmere.

“We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we want the world to know that we haven’t lost our position as a light unto the nations,” said Benzion Klaczko of Muncie.

Simon knows these are troubling times for her homeland but she is more determined than ever to keep supporting Israel and keep fighting for peace. “To hold the Jewish flag after 2,000 years are you kidding? Israel is ours we’ll never give it back. We love it. We’ll share it. But we’ll never give it back.”

Francine and others there celebrated their rich history and prayed for peace.

{CBS 2HD/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Thank you number one and all those who abandoned Israel today when they are in need of support. The parade was a kiddush hashem. Shame on you

  2. Its true zionism is a form of avoda zara and that it will not stand the test of time. However, we shouldnt attack those who are so ignorant. Most zionists are born into this belief. They are no better then a tinok shenishba who was raised in reform or conservative movement. They need to make teshuva but you cant expect them to make teshuva when you are so brash in your condemnation.

  3. What a huge crowd. I was there (and proud of it). I marched with a group from nbn and as far ahead and as far behind as I could see on Fifth Avenue, it was packed with people and flags. Jews all together. I love this parade — even with its many problems we must show our support. The whole world IS watching. (And the New York Police Department was indeed New York’s Finest today. They deserve our thanks.)

  4. This parade is nothing but yetzer hara since it breeds confusion. You can’t have groups in favor of giving land to Arabs and uprooting the Torah (ADL, AJC, Reform and Conservative) marching alongside Orthodox Jews, who are the only Real Jews.


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