Satmar Chasidim Buy Pizza For IDF Soldiers

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A charedi IDF soldier on Monday told his friends that Satmar chasidim bought pies of pizza for a group of soldiers, Arutz Sheva reported.

In his post, the soldier said he was on duty near the Me’aras Hamachpelah when three Satmar chasidim visiting from the US came up to the jeep he and several other soldiers were sitting in and struck up a conversation.

“They didn’t know that there are chassidish eherlich people in the army,” the soldier noted.

At the end of the conversation, the Satmar chasidim surprised the soldiers by buying them all pizza.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. This would be news worthy story if they did this with any soldiers in Idf. They only saw someone of their kind with dreadlocks. Payis and only then found common ground. So what big deal. Second of all. This isn’t chesed to only do with own kind. One of the birds the Torah calls treif is a chasida that shares with it’s friends. The question is ; the Torah forbids all the species that have bad character traits, so this one who shares is nice and good thing so why is it a problem to eat this species? The chidushei Harim says because it’s a bad midah because it shares only with their kind. So your story is promoting tumah

  2. FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pizza buyers were thrown out of Satmar Beis Ha Medresh for ever and ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not surprised by Chasidish soldiers in the IDF,
    But I am surprised by Satmar Chasidim at the Me’aras Hamachpela…
    I guess Aveira Goreres Aveira, and they end up buying pizza for the soldiers.

  4. All should know that this is the real derech of the Rebbe zy”a! I have also brought food and drinks for soldiers before and it is what I expect every other thinking chusid to do! It is nothing to do with Zionism. Hopefully the soldiers will be able to think about who brought them pizza and will come to realize the errors of Israel.

  5. Why such horrible comments? If you have nothing nice to say don’t comment. Hurray for Satmar and the soldiers

    • Right near Mearas Hamachpeila there is a pizza shop and a souvenir store. When was the last time you went AS A TOURIST to Chevron? You would never see it if you just go to daven, only if you are touring.

  6. What kind of English is “pies of pizza”? Do you go into a bakery and ask for pies of apple? They’re either called pizza pies or just pizza. We’re not dumb, we know what pizza means. Pies of pizza. Sheesh. That’s almost as bad as saying “underground pool” instead of “in ground pool”.

    • You sound a little overtired and grumpy, you admit that you call them “pizza pies” from there to “pies of pizza”is how you might refer to multiple pies. It is more awful to write that you bought several “pizzas” than several “pies of pizza”

  7. All of the negative comments, you all have issues, who cares about the people, as long you go out of your way, to do an act of kindness in a very dark world


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