Saudi Cleric: Driving Hurts Ovaries

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hijab-arabAs Saudi Arabian women try to win the right to drive, one cleric has come up with a foolproof reason they need to back down: if you drive, your children will be born disabled.

As translated by Reuters, Sheik Saleh bin Saad al-Lohaidan says: “If a woman drives a car, not out of pure necessity, that could have negative physiological impacts as functional and physiological medical studies show that it automatically affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis upwards … That is why we find those who regularly drive have children with clinical problems of varying degrees.”

The cleric cited no medical studies to support his claims.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Dacon please watch your spelling.

    Dacon please watch our spelling.”There” should be “They’re”
    Lekish bear: you really hit it on the nose.But you too should work on your spelling and language usage. What exactly is “They women” and “hier offspring”?

  2. He was talking about excessive driving. His medical credentials are probably suspect.. These are scare tactics, to drive home the message that he wants.


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