Savage: It’s Do Or Die for America

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michael-savageNew York Times bestselling author Michael Savage‘s 27th book – which he considers his most seminal – is chock-full of documented reasons why America should not re-elect Barack Obama as president, but it boils down to one stark warning: “An Obama victory in 2012 would doom this country.”

“It’s a do or die situation,” Savage told WND in an interview. “You can see the trajectory of Obama’s regime thus far.

“Imagine your worst fears, and you’re going to have some or all of it if this man is re-elected.”

Savage’s “Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream Of The Socialist States Of America” is scheduled for release Tuesday by Harper Collins. The author of six New York Times bestsellers, his third-ranked national talk show, “The Savage Nation,” has more than 10 million listeners. He made his fiction debut last fall with Abuse of Power,” which began at No. 4 on the Times list and became’s No. 1 bestselling hard-cover book.

Savage explains why he wrote the book in its opening pages: “The American people have been kept in the dark about what I’m going to reveal to you in this book. They’ve been fed an endless stream of lies.”

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He begins with “advice to the next president,” asserting that the nation needs someone “the exact opposite of Barack Obama.”

He recognizes Mitt Romney doesn’t fit that bill, but he will vote for him anyway if the former Massachusetts governor becomes the Republican nominee, because the alternative is unacceptable.

But while the nation’s economic woes offer an advantage to Romney, Savage fears Obama could be re-elected anyway, noting today’s news that polls in swing states show women have moved in Obama’s direction, giving him the lead.

Women are flocking toward Obama, Savage said, because they look at the Republican field and “see a nightmare.”

“Romney says nothing, Santorum is nauseating, Gingrich is physically repulsive,” he explained. “So women are saying, ‘You know, I’ll stick with him.’ It’s all style anyway.”

Savage said it’s still unclear who Romney is.

“Romney has no traction with the American people, because there is no there there,” he said. “Where is he? Who is he? The Etch-a-Sketch wasn’t a bad metaphor. Who is the man?”

2008 playbook

Savage fears a repeat of Sen. John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign.

“Romney is already following the McCain playbook, which is that Obama is a good man, he just doesn’t really quite get it, or he isn’t up to the job,” Savage said.

He said that if Romney wins the nomination, he would vote for him “strictly on the issue of national security and taxation.”

“But as far as the essence of what I really believe in. The pride of a nation, etc. – he’s not there,” said Savage.

Savage had dinner with Romney in 2010 and found him a likeable person, but Romney won’t go on “The Savage Nation” radio show.

Savage thinks Romney simply doesn’t “understand America.”

“I believe he’s part of the establishment, and the establishment has contempt for the average person,” he said. “They don’t even understand who they are. They sneer at them, they look down upon them, and they follow their advisers’ suggestions without even understanding.”

Savage said that if he were running for office, he would have a clear and understandable slogan that sums up his platform – his familiar “borders, language and culture.”

“Can anyone say that they know what the Republicans stand for other than defeating the Democrats?” he asked. “Where is America in any of their sloganeering.”

‘The new Chavez’?

Supported by nearly 300 pages of footnoted documentation of Obama’s radical ideas and actions, Savage makes a bold declaration in “Trickle Down Tyranny”: “If Barack Obama is elected for another four-year term, he’ll be president for life. He’ll be the new Hugo Chavez. He’ll do away with the two-term limit and win the 2016 election with 90 percent of the vote.”

Savage goes on to warn: “We have less than six months to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Asked if he believes Obama intends to extend his power like Venezuela’s Chavez, or whether the statement is rhetorical, Savage replied: “I don’t know. I have no idea. I don’t know. Anything is possible with this gang.”

“Can anyone admit that honestly that they are not afraid of this administration?” he asked. “Can anyone admit to themselves that they feel more free than they did when this gang took over the country?”

Even if a Chavez-style America isn’t a literal reality, he said, Americans should recall that many of the liberal social programs established by President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s and by President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s are still in place.

‘Rules for beating radicals’

In his book, Savage helps make sense of some of Obama’s policies by documenting the influence of 1960s radical thinker Saul Alinsky, whose “Rules for Radicals” is used by the left today as a playbook.

Savage turns Alinsky around and offers his own “Rules for Beating Radicals,” which include “Never negotiate with a leftist Democrat.”
Saul Alinsky

Savage said that at one point he thought about titling the book “Rules for Beating Radicals.”

“My book is not just a theoretical platform,” he explained. “It’s actually a practical platform for between now and the election, which is why I have everything at stake in writing this book.”

Savage told WND that the nation needs to think hard about what a second Obama term might look like, when Obama would have the opportunity to help fulfill the left’s dreams.

It’s entirely possible, he said, that Obama would try to eliminate the Second Amendment and seize citizens’ privately owned guns.

It’s a given, he said that “he’s going to wipe out the Defense of Marriage Act,” which establishes marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

And it’s a given, he warned, that Obama will grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

“Now take the rest of the shopping list that you fear,” Savage said. “How about monitoring the Internet? They’re doing it already. How about monitoring everybody’s emails, through a supercomputer? They’re probably doing it already under the guise of security and anti-terrorism.”

People are “living with their heads over their shoulders,” he said, worried that what they write in emails or what they say in public could be misconstrued and result in a knock at the door in the middle of the night.

“So what are we living in now?” Savage asked. “A free society, or a crypto-dictatorship?”

Bypassing the Founders

Savage said he never imagined someone like Obama coming along, but he noted that the Founding Fathers did.

The separation of powers built into the Constitution, he said, was designed to protect the nation from a dictatorship.

Savage pointed to Obama’s broad use of executive orders to bypass Congress as a direct assault on the Founder’s separation doctrine.

White House Counsel Kathy Ruemmler explained Obama’s use of executive powers to the Wall Street Journal in a story published Friday.

“Many issues that he deals with are just on him, where the Congress doesn’t bear the burden in the same way,” Ruemmler said. “Until one experiences that first hand, it is difficult to appreciate fully how you need flexibility in a lot of circumstances.”

Savage said the quote stunned him, likening it to something one may have heard in Mussolini’s Italy.

“That’s all the evidence you need,” he said.

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  1. All nations and places on Planet Earth are going through a process of change at the moment. Such is the nature of the Redemption, i.e. counter-balancing of the dark forces by the energies of light. A new global paradigm is emerging. The USA is one of the most important nations of all, and it is finding its place in the bigger picture.

  2. 2 comments about Savage:

    1)The guy is an unbelievable Ba’al Gaavah megalomaniac just listen to him a few minutes
    2)He doesn’t really believe what he says. It’s all just for show to improve his ratings.

    Don’t fall for this guy


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