SAY NO TO CONSPIRACIES: Anti Vaxxer ‘Asifa’ In Monsey Today Decried By County Officials

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Joint Statement from County Executive Ed Day, Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht, Rabbi Chaim Schabes Regarding Anti-Vaccination Information Session:

Tonight’s event and the misinformation being shared at it runs counter to every statement from the medical experts and elected officials of our county. This type of propaganda endangers the health and safety of children within our community and around the world, and must be denounced in the strongest language possible.

The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is safe and effective and is the only way to prevent the measles. The over 20,500 MMR vaccinations given in Rockland since the outbreak began in October of 2018 clearly demonstrate that the combined outreach and education efforts of the Rockland County Department of Health, local officials and many religious leaders have had a significant effect and show that this anti-vaccination message is not welcome here.

It is unfortunate that these outsiders are targeting our community and attacking our right of self-determination. The group sponsoring this event does not represent the people of Rockland County. We urge our residents continue to ignore these attempts to exploit our differences and ask that they stand together as one Rockland in defense and support of our community. We stand for vaccination.


  1. I hear you, but the last time I checked, America was still a free country and any group can gather together to have their own conferences. The gays do it. The blacks do it. The white supremacist do it. The democrats do it. They might be misinformed but it is not illegal. I personally think they should make it illegal for idiots to vote, though.

    • Wherever you are wherever you go whatever you may do – remember to create a Kiddush Hashem; Someone is Watching You! Account-ability!

    QUACKERY! If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  3. Photos should be posted to identify the anti-vaxers so the responsible parents can avoid them.

      • Seriously.
        And instead of resorting to silly drama worthy of a 4th grader, try this one on:
        “your child is walking rodef and is a threat to the lives of others”, specifically, those with compromised immunity and the pregnant.
        So yes, Mr Anon. Get your kids away from my kids, their shuls, schools and yeshivas.

        • chas veshalom to call his child, who is healthy and not affecting anyone or infecting anyone a “walking rodef” Whose psak is that??? Rodef??? Seriously!!

    • Here we go. More sinas chinam. But then again I do not fault your hatred and ignorance, because unfortunately, Jews (including myself) have been brainwashed by Big Pharma and the CDC since the ’60s. BH, the truth is coming out. More and more anti-vaxxers are uniting to stop the exploitation of innocent children and their unwitting parents.

      • Do you even know the translation of sinas chinam?

        Chinam = free/no reason.

        I hate your presence because you are willing to risk the lives of others, particularly babies and those who are sick and undergoing treatment and are immuno-comporimised. I hate your behavior, your ignorance and your heartless behavior.

        I love you as a Jew and wish you would stop this senseless , murderous behavior. Until then, get away from me.

        • Instead of using your energy to hate others who disagree with your views, take a step back and try to understand that we are fellow Jews who love and care for our children just as much as pro vaxxers loves theirs. The difference is we know through our own research and from personal experience that the vaccine is not safe. Therefore we refuse to listen to ridfim whose only goal is to force vaccinations that are ineffective and unsafe.

          • ….and your refusal to accept these basic facts is indeed within your rights. No one can force you to vaccinate. No one is forcing you.

            Just stay away from from me, my kids, my shul, my school. We have our rights too.

        • There are many reasons for the measles epidemic. Children who are healthy and are not vaccinated are not causing others to get the measles.

  4. I think it’s a conspiracy to say that all the parents who say they lost their healthy child right after a vaccine are untrue. They are in the USA, Europe, everywhere. If anti-vaxxers are so wrong why is this movement growing so fast in the heimeshe community?

  5. Please tell which part of this symposium is misinformation. Please point it out. I would love to be convinced that vaccines are safe.

    • If one gets the information from the salesman themselves, the CDC, all other researchers, whistle-blowers and real news are misinformation.

    • Mrs g and other vaxxers, if vaccinations works so well, why are you afraid of anti-vaxxers? Aren’t you and your children who were vaccinated protected? COULD YOU ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION or is it too difficult of a question?

      • I get it you are a troll. But just in case you are not…. There are people who cannot get the vaccine. New born babies and people with low immune systems etc…. If these people catch the measles it’s almost a death sentence for them. Why can’t you psycho paths understand this? People can die b/c of you morons.

        I won’t get to the fact that the vaccine is 97% effective so even if you were vaccinated you can still get it. However due to the herd immunity if everyone got the vaccine this would not be an issue.

        • excuse me, the same doctors who want vaccination say that 95% vaccinated is more than enough for herd immunity. Are you a doctor?? Nowhere does it say you need 100% vaccination rates. Also, the kids who are not vaccinated, are not harboring measles virus, or any other virus actually.

      • Murderous Fool!

        #1 – babies and the immuno-compromised are at risk. Do you not care about them?
        #2 – I am very pro-vax and I also know that the vaccine is mostly, but not 100% effective. That means that out of 100 vaccinated people, up to 3 can get the disease despite having the vaccine. Of those, they will get everything from hearing loss, blindness, swelling of the brain and EVEN DEATH (1.5 in 1000).


        • So these 3 people out 100 who the vaccine doesn’t work for, we need to scope them out, find them, and isolate them! They are a danger to society! Walking rodefs!

          • How about trying to protect them?
            Or people with cancer R’l.?
            Do you even care?!? Listen to yourself!

    • When was the last time you checked your titers, I’m assuming your an adult. Did you know immunity can wear off at different speeds in different people…. Maybe your a danger to the community…
      Also if vaccines work why are you so worried? Keep your babies at home since you don’t know who they will come into contact with in this big scary world who knows maybe they aren’t vaccinated or not up to odatw with their shots…

      • Agreed. Adults need to check and re-vaccinate if needed.

        Vaccines work – ALMOST all the time. I am worried about the 3% and the babies and immuno-compromised. Your behavior will get them killed.

        Or maybe you just don;t care.

        • What about the hundreds and hundreds of other diseases out there that are no vaccines for??. Strep can be deadly. Ebola is deadly. Lupus is horrible. Lyme disease, not a walk in the park.

          Cancer! Omg.

          • So if a kid with a nasty case of strep comes to your baby’s daycare, you are ok with that? Balony. You would be furious at the parent for doing that.

            Cancer, lyme and lupos are not contagious….go back to middle school biology.

  6. If it’s all misinformation, I’m sure the intelligent parents attending will cross reference what they hear and make intelligent decisions based on what they research.

    The best books are banned books. You are all scared if this information because it’s true. Otherwise you would laugh it off and move on.

    We already see that the effectivness of one MMR does not last and now we are seeing that two don’t last either. How else does a 20 yr. Old twice vaccinated person get the measles in crown heights? How did 20 vacvinated adults in Detroit get the measles??

    Let’s ask some questions and make informed decisions.

  7. Whatever happened to respecting people who think differently? Is Ahavas Yisroel only for people you agree with? There is science to back both sides. Dont delegitimize science just because you dont agree with it. Vaccines have risks, disease has risk. Are you willing to guarantee anyone that your choice is the safer risk? Will you take responsibility for someone else’s injury? As long as we are in golus EVERYTHING we do has a risk. Everyone needs to take the risks they can live with. One thing is you can’r force people to take the risks you are comfortable with. Research both sides before making statements that spew hate and ignorance.

  8. Why are you so terrified of conspiracies?!

    Is this somehow a threat to your religion? The religion where vaccines cannot ever be questioned, because you must have faith that the science is true, that the science is settled. Take big pharmaa word on it.

    Repeat after to me,

    vaccines are safe and effective
    Vaccines are safe and effective
    Vaccines are safe and effective

    Say it loud and clear every morning and every evening. If you do as such no anti vaxxer will ever pose a threat to you!

    And never forget

    The science is setlled!

  9. For religion, blind faith and never questioning are necessary, since there can be no way to “scientifically” prove the existence of G-d.

    In contrast, in science in order to keep making new discoveries, and to advance, one is required to constantly question, everything.

    In the past, it was difficult for science and religion to coexist (hello chabad schools who ripped out the pages in science books discussing evolution). Since one who was accustomed to questioning, ends up questioning G-d and creation.

    Today, we have this odd morphing of science into religion. People repeat over and over the commandments with regard to vaccines:

    The science is settled (you must have faith)

    Do not question vaccines (it’s Torah misinai)

    Do not listen to false testimony, or those spreading misinformation (they’re heretics)

    Only listen to your doctor (a rabbi, prophet)

    Beware of false doctors!

    • Yes, I agree. Beware of false doctors who work for and are generously compensated by Big Pharma. I agree, do not listen to false testimony by people and organizations that spread misinformation, ie, CDC, NIH, AMA, and Big Pharma.
      Yes we must have faith in G-d not in science.

  10. Message to Del Bigtree, Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Sussman, Rabbi Handler and Dr. Palevsky: Thank you for fighting for our rights. Don’t ever give up. May G-d bless you all with strength!

  11. I am a big pro vaxxer but an even bigger pro free speech. Our freedoms are so much more important. A crackdown on speech you don’t agree with is a slippery slope to tyranny.
    Similarly, personally I hold that the Lev Tahor cult is a sick cult, but I still defend their freedom to practice “religion” (or whatever they do).

  12. They need to first learn how to spell.
    The correct spelling is “professional”.
    They also need to acknowledge that we are a community. We live together as a Tzibbur”.
    We will not succeed if every guy does his own thing.

  13. Why is the health department not surrounding the place with yellow tape n and quarantining all the participants

  14. Do your research on Dr palevsky. He is a brilliant doctor. He gives conferences around the United States to other doctors. These doctors pay thousands of dollars to attend. The scope of his knowledge is breathtaking.

    • OK, so your definition of “brilliant” is qualified by:
      1. Gives conferences (as an anti-vax yachid he is indeed in high demand to accept lucrative payment for his services)
      2. He takes “thousands” for his conferences.
      3. His alleged scope of knowledge. Do you know or even think that his scope of knowledge is greater than the THOUSANDS of scientists and physicians who support vaccinations?

      Veiter… the guy. I don’t have the patience to re-write the silly things he says.

  15. What is this “the science is settled” that has taken over the comments here? The first place I remember that phrase as being said seriously is by Al Gore (years ago) talking about man-made climate change as “the science is settled”. I have never seen such a hideous remark (and such a remark is hideous for anything to do with science) seriously about vaccines. An internet search shows a humurous book by that name “the science is settled” which discusses vaccines in a humorous tone. The only thing science can provide is a statement about the state-of-the-art of a topic.

  16. I can’t believe that there are Jews who are so willing to take pictures of other Jews, and publicize “who’s anti-vaxx”. It makes me feel like we are living in 1939 with the Juwdenrat. These people are not anti-vaxx they are vaccine educated. I have searched and asked for safety date. Give me something that I can hang my hat on and say I’m not poisoning my kids. I have yet to have anybody that can come up with one basic placebo study. I called the FDA and asked them for the safety data that they rely on. The representative said all they have is the package insert, there is no safety data for Aluminum, there can’t be its poison. Instead of bashing the people that went to the event why don’t you put together a real debate.

  17. to mr science and religion
    you are absolutley wrong you can prove the existence of hashem 100%
    and the torah never says you should believe blindly that there is a creator the torah allways (99%) of the time says you should KNOW

  18. The sforno says we have an obligation to be perceived as עם חכם ונבון. Right now we are being perceived as gullible fools.

    • If the Jewish media would stop breathlessly reporting every time some minor “frum” group comes out with their anti vaxxing craziness, maybe we wouldn’t be looked upon with disdain. Stop giving them publicity.

  19. I do vaccinate because I’d rather trust my doc.
    But my question is why aren’t the elected offices investing in research proving there point that the mmr is safe???

    I think that clear statistics will be more convincing than all the media outcry.

    Is there anything behind this?????

  20. Leviticus 20:2: Any man of the Children of Israel or from the converts who live among Israel who gives any of his offspring in the worship of Molech should be put to death…They also believed Molech would protect their children. Sanhedrin 64: Molech is whatever you proclaim as your King even a pebble or a splinter (or a vaccine syringe made with human sacrifices, live cell lines taken from human fetuses).

  21. Search the well-known topic of Mass Hysteria.

    Based on the basically polite comments of vaccine skeptics, and the hate-filled comments of those who condemn them, it is clear that all these good people, who would never speak that way under normal circumstances, are suffering from a Mass Hysteria.

    The Pharma marketing fear campaign to attack Orthodox Jews just as the Religious Exemption bills in NY and Nj is up for a vote seems to be working all too well. And when the new mandate comes for the HPV vaccine which is knows to cause infertility and some Rabbonim have paskened is assur to take, and more will, we will have already given up the right to follow Halacha.

    We look back at the doctors who recommended smoking in the 30’s and laugh. We look at the corporations and Gov’t oversite groups who said lead was not a problem and laugh.

    One day we will all laugh at those that said vaccines where safe. The question is how many Korbanos will that take. Unfortunately too many.


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