Schumer Promises to be ‘Shomer’ to Jews

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Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer promised Tuesday night to be a “shomer” for Torah values.

Jewish Insider reports that speaking at the Chof Alef Kislev celebration of Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar’s kehillah in the Brooklyn Armory, the New York Democrat said, “I know Hashem gave me that name for a reason to be a ‘shomer’ for this great chassidishe community here and for Yiddishkeit throughout the world. I promise you I always will try to live up to my name — to be a Shomer Yisroel,” he said at the Armory.

He also praised the Satmar education system “for teaching our young boys the great Torah values that have been so important to our people for so long.



  1. What chanifah! What kind of a Shomer are you, Chuckie? Shomer Sochor probably. You are about as much of a Shomer Yisroel as the Pope.

  2. if any of you truly believe that he’s going to be a “shomer”, all i can say is that i have a bridge to sell you. just let me know whether you prefer “inbound” or “outbound”. this guy is absolutely sickening!

  3. Yes indeed, he is a shomer and upholder of Yiddishe values. Like abortion, SSM, supporting Keith Ellison to head the DNC… I wonder who his Rebbi was that gave him such a insightful understanding of yiddishkeit?

    Maybe he thinks yiddishe values means handouts from the government.

  4. lo meiktzuch v’lo medivshuch – Hashem is Shomer Yisroel – Chuck is a democRAT and will never be the shomer of Yidden – he is probably pay-for-play

  5. Sure. I’ll have the wolf guarding the hen house. I’m guessing endorsing the anti-semite Keith Ellison for DNC chairman was part of his shimra.
    He makes me nauseous.

  6. Senator Schumer disappointed me terribly when he refused to actively oppose President Obama’s deal with Iran. Although he’s a Democrat, as is our President, I’d hoped he would do what was right and act as a true “Shomer” as he’s discussed in the past. Instead, he tried to have his cake and eat it, too; personally opposing the deal, yet refusing to actively influence others to vote against it. He’s been an staunch and unequivocal supporter of Israel in the past, but not on this occasion.

    Senator Schumer, when the lives of our brethren are being threatened by the rabid, anti-Semitic madmen who rule Iran, that’s not the time for half measures and weak-kneed party loyalty. You should have been in full-throated roar, opposing this deal that’s so dangerous to Israel. You let us down, Senator Schumer. Your lack of political courage has endangered Jewish lives. Senator Schumer, shame on you.

  7. “Torah values”
    Hey Chuck, you mean like toeivah marriage? Murdering babies? Gender neutral bathrooms? Exactly which “Torah values” are you referring to? How will YOU be protecting your fellow Jewish brothers & sisters?

  8. Mr. Schumer,

    The line is old…VERY old. I already heard this line from him when he spoke at an Agudah function about 7 years ago! Tell your speech write to come up with some new lines.

  9. i remember back in the 1970’s when he was first getting onto the scene and was an unknown, he spoke in my Young Israel to all the old time Jews and said “just remember the words Shumer Shabbos and you will remember who to vote for” and we are stilling falling for the same line. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Here is a guy who knows so much about Yiddishkeit and mocks it for his own gain. Shame on him,


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