Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data

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A most interesting thread popped up on Twitter Sunday from a data scientist who wishes to remain anonymous, regarding mail-in ballot data which strongly suggests fraud occurred in the wee hours of election night, when several swing states inexplicably stopped reporting vote counts while President Trump maintained a healthy lead over Joe Biden.

Using time series data ‘scraped’ from the New York Times website, the data – comparing several states (swing and non-swing) – clearly illustrates what fraud does and does not look like, and how several anomalies in swing states left ‘fingerprints of fraud’ as Biden pulled ahead of President Trump.

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  1. This has been debunked.

    “there seems to be an obvious pattern in the ratio of new #Biden ballots to new #Trump ballots.”

    That is because stupid Trump ordered his stupid supporters to not use mail-in ballots. The in person voting was mostly completed first and then the count of mail in votes began. For example, in Pennsylvania, Trump led Biden by almost 2 to 1 in in person votes but Biden led Trump by over 3 to 1 in mail in ballots — despite the fact that the USPS “failed to deliver” hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots in Philadelphia alone. And the mail in votes could not be counted early becasue Pennsylvania’s Republicans refused to allow it.

    In a fair election Biden would have won Pennsylvania by hundreds of thousands rather than the 45,000 the count shows.

    • Debunked by whom? CNN? Snopes? AP? or by your wishful thinking?

      The study shows that only one who believes that masks protect the wearer and/or others from a virus have voted for Biden. Your mask must be blocking your brains.

      FYI Biden’s billions of mail-in ballots are alllllllll fraud as only the watermarked ballots were counted. This was with the approval of the Supreme Court Judge in 2018. After they were entered into the blockchain system, it was clear that Trump won over 80%. That was right after election. Now that they’re fixing the 47 rigged machines where every vote went automatically to Biden, it seems that Trump will win in all States.

    • Let’s start with the Democrat scare mongering that the postal service was (allegedly) trashed by Trump and thus could not be trusted. So it makes as much sense that Democrats were scared off of mail-in ballots while Trump supporters trusted trump’s handling of the postal service.

      But the article is pointing out something more important than mere total number of votes. The principle is that the mail is delivered in a random pattern (like shuffling a deck of cards produced a random pattern of cards). The mail delivery shows that in non-swing states and throughout the hours and days the “ratio” of votes between Trump and Biden remains constant, as is expected by a random delivery of mail. BUT in swing states, and ONLY in swing states, the pattern of the ratio (nothing to do with total number of votes) is egregiously broken to the point of being a statistically absurd result.

    • You’re saying fraud has been debunked? Well I got the following message:

    • Dear Charlie the Apartchik 7:56pm, just because you say something “has been debunked”, doesn’t make it magically debunked. Regarding the prevalence of Buden votes amongst the mail ballots: we see a completely different statistical patern between the mail ballots received before and after November 3rd. The mail ballots received after November 3rd are basically 100% for Biden, while the ones received before have a more statistically realistic percentage for Trump. There were plenty of mail in ballots for Trump, but all of them received by the election date. There goes your little theory about the mind-numb robots taking orders on not using the mail ballots. You can’t sneak your way out of this argument, other than by claiming that there was an event in the beginning of November which caused the previously Trump-inclined masses to vote for Biden – there was no such thing, or by claiming that a typical Biden late-mail voter is a meth addict who doesn’t own a calendar or is a clinical procrastinator – again doesn’t explain hundreds of thousands of late mail votes all for Biden. The only reasonable explanation is that the Democratic Party vote-counters first calculated how much they were behind, and then magically discovered a truck or two filled with the pro-Biden ballots. This theory also explains why the Democratic Party vote- counters were so adamant about refusing access to the Republican observers. Basically, Occam’s Razor. Again, without a court discovery this remains just a theory, but there is enough here to qualify for the probable-cause status. Definitely, nothing “debunked”, dear manipulative commie.

  2. Breaking !! ITS OVER! Trump Wins 2020 . Elite National Guard ! Quantum Block Chain Watermarks, Rescan since Sunday PM
    A recount of voting ballots nationwide was being done by elite units of the National Guard by early Sun. morning 8 Nov. To prevent fraud official ballots had been printed with an invisible, unbreakable code watermark and registered on a Quantum Blockchain System.

    As of this writing, in five states 14 million ballots had been put through a laser scanner – 78% of which failed because there was no watermark to verify the ballot. Of those that failed 100% had checked for Biden.

    [link to B (secure)] 4​lockchain-system-recount-of-votes-3217468.html

  3. You need a scientist to find that there were loads of fraud by Demcorats? Any shmoiger-yoine can tell you that. It’s impossible that the demented Biden who had 5-men rallies and mostly from his basement, can win more than 1% of the American public.

    Are these the same scientist that are suddenly calling the 2020 hoax virus a disease?

    the election theft was conducted in real time on Nov. 3rd, using the Dominion software, created by a corporation partially owned by Nancy Pelosi. During the election, the real-time data were shunted offshore, where calculations were run to produce action lists for stealing the votes in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan, and then Hammer and Scorecard (created by the CIA) were used to alter the votes in real time, in the voting machines.
    CNN Live TV Catches Hammer / Scorecard Decrementing Republican Votes


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