Scott Brown for President?

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scott-brown1Scott Brown for president in 2012? Some enterprising folks – or campaign operatives – are betting on that.┬áBob Cusack of The Hill newspaper reports that Brown-for-president domain names were snatched up in recent days as the Republican surged ahead in Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts.

Cusack writes:

The rights to and were acquired on Tuesday, the day the Republican scored his stunning victory in the race for Sen. Edward Kennedy’s (D-Mass) Senate seat. The domain name was already taken, having been bought last Friday.

A marketing firm in Maine, Interactive Marketing Group, nabbed “scottbrownforpresident.”

Kirit Patel, 34, a University of Michigan engineering student, is the proud owner of, and a third site,

In an interview with On Politics, Patel said he is convinced Brown “is going to be a very fast-rising star” in the Republican Party and the senator-elect “would be the perfect choice” to deliver the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address next week.

Patel, who lives in Warren, Mich., said Brown shares his Republican values on issues such as lowering taxes. His family owns 10 hotels and motels in Michigan and Ohio, he said, and “whenever anyone raises taxes, it really affects us. We can’t hire as much. We have to slow down when we are going to buy the next motel.”

{USA Today On Politics/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Brown should not compromise any core conservative principles especially in the arena
    of national security. Borders must be secure and illegal immigration must come to a halt.

    Brown and conservatives have an opportunity to take back this country. Obama
    is vulnerable both with regard to domestic polcy and foreign policy.

    For one thing: Americans want enemy
    combattants to be dealt with firmly in a
    military no-nonsense setting without jury trials. Demanding jury trials for Al-Quada
    operatives in New York, Obama demonstrates

    Americans have not forgotten Fort
    Hood. That atrocity was perpetrated on
    Obama’s watch. Obama is to blame. Obama
    puts this country at risk with his ultra-
    liberal appeasement of America’s enemies.

    Let us hope that it won’t be politics as usual with Brown. If he adheres
    to conservative principles and get tough on
    illegal immigration, gets tough on national security against Islamist terrorism, he’ll be

  2. rachmona litzlan! this guy was just like obama! a non name state senator who people now think can be president in two years!?! and why’? because he has no morals! terrible just terrible.

  3. #1, you obviously dont know anything about brown then. his record is not conservative. he is a Liberal republican (like mitt romney and rudy giuiani and abraham lincoln)

  4. You wish Brown. In your dreams. That is the only place the nomination will ever get to you! This country learned its lessons from Obama!


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