Sea Levels to Swallow Miami, New Orleans

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miami new orleansA new study published on Monday revealed that U.S. cities such as Miami and New Orleans will sink below rising seas regardless of efforts to curb global warming.

The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that though some cities were beyond helping, extreme carbon cuts and moving to renewable energy could save millions of people who reside on at-risk regions in U.S. coastal areas.

According to the authors, the state of Florida has the most number of big cities at risk of sea level rise while California, Louisiana and New York are the next three most affected states.

New York City is also at risk of becoming unlivable by 2085, the study found. Read more at AFP.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Al Gore promised NYC under water as of ten years ago. Water did not raise an inch. Tell chicken little the sky is not falling.

  2. New Orleans is already mostly below sea level and only exists at all because of the system of levees. Miami has no such system and is indeed probably doomed. I personally saw a street in Norfolk that appears to be permanently under water this past summer. And even if New York City isn’t doomed, south Staten Island, south Brooklyn, and the Rockaway Peninsula are probably lost. Interestingly, those are almost the only parts of New York City that vote Republican.


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