Second Bais Hamikdosh Flooring Restored from Har Habayis

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For the first time, 2,000-year-old flooring from King Hurdos’ Second Bais Hamikdosh courtyard in Yerushalayim has been restored by archaeologists.

Elaborately decorated floor tiles were discovered by the Har Habayis Sifting Project team while combing through tons of earth illegally removed in 1999 from the Har Habayis by the Yerushalayim Islamic Waqf, which manages Muslim buildings on the site.

“It enables us to get an idea of the Bais Hamikdosh’s incredible splendor,” said Dr. Gabriel Barkay, co-founder and director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, in a prepared statement.

The tile patterns were restored by Frankie Snyder, a member of the Temple Mount Sifting Project by using mathematical skills in geometry and finding similarities in tile design used by King Hurdos.

So far, seven different tile designs of the flooring have been successfully restored.

“Though we have not merited seeing the Bais Hamikdosh in its glory, with the discovery and restoration of these unique floor tiles, we are now able to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Second Bais Hamikdosh, even through this one distinctive characteristic,” Barkay said.




  1. A supposedly Jewish state with a Jewish army permitting and acknowledging Waqf’s squatting and usurping of Har Habais, is a greater Chilul H then a couple of tinokei shenishba going to places on Har Habais where they should not be. Keep in mind: the concept of Kidush or Chilul H is all about increasing or decreasing Kovod Shamaim in the world; PR or whether goyim like us or not, has nothing to do with the concept.


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