Sefer Torah at Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s Home Found in Mid-Laining to Be Missing Portion

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rav-chaim-kanievskyCrisis on Rechov Rashbam: Yesterday, at the vosikin minyan held at the home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky in Bnei Brak, it was discovered that the Sefer Torah being used was posul, as it was missing a yeriah, or a segment of parchment.

During the fourth aliyah, which was given to a grandson of Rav Chaim who is getting married this week, it was discovered that the Sefer Torah continues from the middle of Parshas Bereishis, which was being lained, to Parshas Noach, the next parsha. The end of Parshas Bereishis was completely missing. The mispallelim looked on in shock as the discovery was made.

It was revealed that the Sefer Torah was checked not long ago by computer, but the sofer overseeing the checking process apparently forgot to re-attach one of the yerios (segments of parchment). Hence the missing portion of the Torah.

Rav Chaim said that a new Sefer Torah should be brought immediately. In that Sefer Torah, the baal kriah read from the beginning of the parsha until the end of revi’i, continuing with the same oleh at the Torah, and then three additional aliyos were read from that valid Sefer Torah.

Since the passing of his wife, Rebbetzin Batsheva a”h, Rav Chaim davens on Shabbos morning with a minyan at his home and not in the Lederman Shul next door. One source indicated that the invalid Sefer Torah had been used since Parshas Mishpatim of last year.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I feel sorry for Rav Chaim and all participants if his select minyan. It’s an awful feeling.

    Just one curious note! A sefer is not taken apart when checking by computer is conducted! Something seems wrong!

  2. “Crisis on Rechov Rashbam”!

    Lets not get crazy! Everyone remain calm! No one is going to get hurt. I agree with #1. Who takes apart a Sefer Torah inorder to check?

  3. Actually it is a great kovod hatorah! The halacha is that bidieved if the individual sefer e.g. “bamidbar”, “devarim” etc. is complete, then one is yotzei krias hatorah. Therefore since aiyn hakb”h maivey takalah Al yedaiy tzaddikim, it happened in a way that just when the first kriah that he wouldn’t have been yotzei, it was promptly disvered , and the takalah avoided!


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